Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – A Long Term User Review

After a full three months of being used as primary smartphone, its time to give the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 a proper user review of its camera, battery life and more. There has certainly been some issues but its also a great device.

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Review unit provided free of charge by Samsung. This video is sponsored by Phanteks. As per Hardware Canucks guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer. All purchase links listed in the description have Hardware Canucks AMAZON monetary affiliation.

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22 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – A Long Term User Review”

  1. HardwareCanucks

    For those wondering: Icon Pack is SIMPAX. Widgets: Zooper Pro Stile ALSO, about the "long term review", YES in the context of smartphone reviews, this IS long term since it was used as a daily driver for ~95 days while other smartphone content was pushed back.
    Also the S10 is around the corner.

  2. Eli Orellana

    As a power user who does everything on my phone. I would use the pen for flyer editing. And video editing. There are some serious editors like photo studio pro, and power director that let amateur freelancers like me do A LOT!

  3. Joel Hurley

    Great job imitating MKBHD, who needs originality, we only need clones! BTW, nice bait & switch with the title. Here's a new non – creative, yet entirely more accurate title that you'll be sure to love. My Note 9 first impressions, by wanna-be-MKBHD

  4. TheFreePantheist

    I use the pen for precise highlighting, Extracting text from pictures, translating words when you hold the pen over the word, drawing and quick magnification and glancing at other apps when you hold the pen over it. I thought it was a gimmick but I use it all the time now

  5. Alexander Malinovski

    S Pen turns this phone into ultimate tool.
    *Notes it's a great that at any moment you can write things down make a list or write an diary. Draw a figure, or draw on pictures and share it to any platform!

    *Drawing! There is so many drawing apps on android, with this screen and stylus people are drawing masterpieces on it! Go to samsung SPen gallery and check it out, it's unbelievable! And very easy actually!

    *Browsing very often if website is not mobile friendly stylus is a great help to navigate trough small buttons etc. cuz you got poiner (kinda like a mause on pc monitor)

    *Stylus saves you time navigating trough phone menus or write a message when your hands are frozen in cold weather.

    *Photo editing, cut, crop, select paste move, all these actions are much more easier to do when you got stylus.

    And there is more than that!

  6. Haney Marlin

    I am a Construction contractor and I love my note 9 for work. The S pen is amazing for measurements for estimates and sending photos of work with pictures of the job and being able to circle or point to certain objects or problems. When measuring, I simply take the photo and write the measurements on the picture. So awesome! Also draw outlines and diagrams as a rough draft for blueprints or roof parameters. Also, great to share wifi in business meetings inside areas that have bad reception or places that just dont have it. All around great phone with many new upgrades since this video.

  7. A F K ing

    Downvote for the inserted ads of shitty LED light strips and such.
    However, when you ask at the end 'is it worth it?' – I think the 512gb version is. At 128gb, the improvements are minimal over the other Samsung lineup of devices. But 512gb, Dex, the pen and the super slow mo recording is great for athletes or trainers. These features with 512gb turn this phone into an absolute beast (not to mention you can expand to 1TB). I waited until a very good deal on them direct from Samsung (almost $400 off until the 28th of March in Canada for 512gb!!!!).

  8. ankkit raj

    ""A LONG TERM REVIEW" Contains detail review of Call quality,Network reception,Heating issues,Screen on time,battery back up and all other things than mentioned in this video.

  9. Gladys Rachel

    Same here.. I lost my note 4 recently.. I had it with me for 4 years and 10months b4 i lose it. Well I'm a science student, i depend on the s pen for almost everything like taking notes, quickfollow ups, correcting pdfs, and I use it to draw (so many pathways), through artrage software I draw something artistic and post it in penup which came as compliment in note4.. That's pretty awesome of samsung. Note 9 made it better especially when controlling slides with presentation and photo etc..

  10. connor clark

    Hello Mr. HardwareCanucks,

    I bought a note 8 a few days ago because I really, really, really miss my old note 4 (that I gave my dad as a present).
    What do I want that pen for so much?
    As a software engineering student math is a large part of my studies in one way or another – math is the worst subject for leaving endless pages of scrap paper with junk working-out that just gets thrown away because it has no value.
    Apart from math and taking notes for class, annotating pdf's and all types of rough working out for code or projects, I also am a digital/traditional artist and the note is the best cheap (draw-on-glass) digitiser available. Apart from a note, maybe you can go spend a couple thousand bucks on a wacom that lets you draw on the glass. Tablet form factor is no good to me on the bus or in class, so the note it is.

    Thank you for the video Mr. HardwareCanucks, I look forward to seeing the next video from you soon

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