Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android 9 Pie + One UI Update!

No more waiting: This year, Galaxy Note 9 fans can get their hands on the latest Android 9 Pie beta long with Galaxy S9 owners. Here’s what to look forward to!

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43 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android 9 Pie + One UI Update!”

  1. Dol l

    Will brightness still be in pulldown? I'm afraid to update because it mentions auto brightness control. I hope that is an optional thing. Don't want anything to automatically mess with my brightness


    Hi how are you well I just got my Galaxy note 9 and it did not come with the new update and I have not God yet is there any thing you can tell me on how I can install the new update in to my Galaxy note 9 thank you in evidence

  3. Ajaya Kumar Velayudhan Nair

    Dear Brother, Thank you very much for the information's.
    The (One UI version 1.0) software updates after, the Note 9 Camera PRO mode, VIDEO option is not available. (Visible Only Photo button).
    The VIDEO Mode has no Manual settings except Brightness.
    23 Jan 2019, I sent the PRO mode Video button disabled report to Samsung and they sent some steps.
    {Settings} {Apps} from the top right Menu choose Show System apps. {Camera} {Storage} {Clear data & Clear cache}.
    I did this and still the same. The PRO mode can't see the Video Button.
    Again inform to Samsung and no response.
    Hope to wait the other update. Or any one find the solution, kindly inform.

  4. Gaber Maths.

    I got my update on my note 9 but i really missed a lot of things
    1.Double Tap home screen to turn on is not
    found any more
    2.pop up view and split screen is more
    difficult then ever and in my opinion is
    bad and has not any flexibility .
    3 . The clear view cover after updating
    phone is useless

  5. Adam G.

    Garbage, just updated to pie and one ui… i hate it. So many setting take extra taps to get, alot more scrolling required, and lots of lost real estate. Bring back the blade looking apps from the opened apps button. One app per screen? Wow, hello iPhone clone. I switched back to my s7 cuz of how iphoney my note 9 now looks and feels

  6. Cary David Hoffson

    It is good they are doing this to big phones to get people to buy them and this is the first time they are doing this to big phones to get with your finger to make your finger feel better to use it that is something new for a phone that is big and make you happy to have a big phones and for people who don't have big hands to have big phone and that some body did something about it for people who are thinking of buying a big phone and do not have long fingers and not have to worry that the phone will land on the floor and broken and can work the phone faster to use to do what they want to do with their phones and it is just like what has been done to computer windows over the years and keyboard to now with a phone

  7. Rex Wiley

    Does the adaptive battery feature in Android pie give Samsung devices better battery life? This is the most important feature to me since my s8 drains so fast.

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