Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera test vs Huawei P20 Pro, HTC U12+ & Oppo Find X | Last Cam Standing XIV

Adam Patrick Murray hosts Last Cam Standing: PCWorld’s series finding the best smartphone camera! In this episode the returning champion – Huawei’s P20 Pro – defends its title against the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Oppo Find X, and HTC U12+. Can one of these phones take the top spot from the P20 Pro?? Let the photo battle begin!

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29 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera test vs Huawei P20 Pro, HTC U12+ & Oppo Find X | Last Cam Standing XIV”

  1. PCWorld

    Which camera do you think won and why?? Are you looking forward to the next iPhone and Pixel? Do you need to see my tax returns to see whether I was paid off by Huawei? Spoiler: I wasn't! How can I make these comparisons better? I love hearing from everyone so let me know!

  2. Destiny Fan

    In cinema you see a lot of yellow, a lot of blue and lots of green tint. That all comes from them accepting the camera's 'flaws' as is and using them to their advantage. You're telling a tiger to hunt vegetables.

  3. Destiny Fan

    Average phone user:
    1. Uses aggressive software filtering to remove natural colour casts that look aesthetically correct
    2. Uploads the photo to a website, then tries to add the same colur casting via filters.

  4. Destiny Fan

    There's no such thing as 'natural' colour. A camera sees colours in a certain way, I think one should take advantage of that rather then try to correct it in software, trying to add data that isn't there. I always use the 'cloudy' filter to turn off the digital mess.

  5. camridge

    A big problem with the Galaxy Note 9 at least for me is the size, it is just so big.
    I Went to the store to buy it but i tried it first with my jacket and the phone was to big for my jacket pocket.
    The next day i come back again with another jacket and it was the same thing 🙁
    As a comparison with the P20 Pro i can just Close it with a cover protection but it was Close.

    All these phones that is getting bigger and bigger, what are they thinking?

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