Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera vs iPhone X vs OnePlus 6!

In this video I compare photos and videos from the Note 9, iPhone X and OnePlus 6!

Note 9 – 6 Things Before Buying:

Note 9:

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Thank you guys all for watching!

40 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera vs iPhone X vs OnePlus 6!”

  1. NothingButTech

    Quick note: the OnePlus 6 primary camera has some form of OIS but it also relays on electronic image stabilization which is what I was referring to in the video!

    Thank you for watching:)

  2. sam sam

    So amazed by this young girl's passion about making Youtube videos on tech. Ironically she didn't choose makeup stuff. We should encourage her by subscribing and watching her videos but sadly we are addicted to prank videos and daily life vlogs.

  3. Atif Shahzad

    Nice comparison….
    Secondly I've one question plz. I've S8+ what is your suggestions to upgrade with Note 9???
    Anxiously Waiting technical advise plz.

  4. Krunal Rathod

    I m not Samsung fan. But when I purchased the note 9, I got to know why everybody loves note 9. I also have one plus 6(not 6t) and to be Frank it takes more better selfies than note 9. But other than that note 9 rocks. I am in so much love of this phone?

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