Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – FULL REVIEW (after 4 months of use)!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – In-Depth ZONEofTECH REVIEW!
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32 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – FULL REVIEW (after 4 months of use)!”

  1. Phillip Deeznuts

    If you need more than 10 minutes of recording and then you need a video camera…? I can’t think of anytime I would need to record longer than 10 minutes at one time even with a video camera, unless you are one of those tools who records a whole concert

  2. Joe Lloyd

    I really love my n9 and bezels are find better to hold ph without accidentally hitting apps, and all you've is basically run the ph down.

  3. Chris K

    I'm upgrading from a very used Note 5 to a "renewed" (previously owned) Note 9.
    I'm aware various the quirks incumbent with this model, but I don't function at a high enough level to need the best technology.

  4. Debra Dukes

    Daniel I absolutely love my note and I think it's one of the best devices out and I think you should watch TechwithBrett to see how useful all the features are with the pen and so many other great things you can do.I loved your review but I find that the pen is awesome and I use it all the time,But again you really need to catch his Videos to see what a real powerhouse the Note line can be.Thanks so much for sharing always enjoy Deb ?✌?

  5. Patrick Van Den Berghe

    Good review because the Note 9 is a fabulous phone. The only remark I am not really agreeing with is when you say that the s pen is rather useless, it isn't! As with a lot of things you have to push yourself in the beginning to use it and then you will find out it's a great thing to have. I take of my s pen automatically as long as the phone is on my desk or even when I sit relax. I in fact write literally all my messages by handwriting converted into text, believe me it's great. Even complete emails can be written that way. I regularly make some drawings that after that I use as my screen background, it can not be more original than that and very often people ask me where I got this soo beautiful background from. Before I was having the Samsung galaxy s7 edge and also I forced myself to use the edge panel as I saw so few people using it. Forcing yourself by doing some things make you very often finding the advantages of it. I really hope to continu to use my note 9 with the s pen and the edge panel for many many more years. I wish all of you a very happy Samsung galaxy note 9 experience! ????

  6. Lawrence Lepes

    I don't see what people are talking about when they mention lag. The only lag I've experienced in a Samsung phone is after I dropped it several times. That was the Samsung Infuse 4G.

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