Samsung Galaxy Note 9 "Real Review"

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 “Real Review”
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43 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 "Real Review"”

  1. Downing

    Last week I was in the market for a new phone. My note 2 needed an upgrade. Watched this video and went and bought the note 9. Thanks flossy.

  2. victor ake

    Hey flossy Carter I know you like using your phone in maximum brightness, so I want to know have you experience any dim issue, I ask this because am currently using the note 4 and that phone dims a lot.

  3. Chuck Richardson

    actually therre is an app that makees your spen bluetooth on previous note models…but you have to be rooted to use it. annd i know how some people feel about rooting their phones….it to me is like having admin privledges on your computer. and there was a companion app that went along with it that allowed you to remap that spen button..also gave it full spen usage if you installed a different rom. anytime you arent sure about something…. im a tech geek. hmu and ill see whats good for you

  4. CheezUS

    Most channels can keep my attention for 10-15m. Been watching this for over 1hr. Well done, sir. Flair and content is a good mixture, nice.

  5. Joshua M

    Thinking of trading my iPhone c for this, one plus 7 pro or waiting for note 10. Never had android. Apple for 8 years. But these new phones are so nice

  6. Johnny Fuentes Bruno III

    So now you can screen record on the note 9 and other Samsung devices that have the one UI Android 9 pie,from the GALAXY STORE you just download the good lock app t(MADE BY SAMSUNG DEVELOPERS) in the GALAXY STORE and it lets you do a lot of things like you customize the phone more there screen record on there you can customize the notifications panel the icons on the phone like the battery icon the percentage the Wi-Fi icon the time icon does videos on YouTube on how to use it I love itp

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