Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review: The Total Package!

Galaxy Note 9 checks every every damn box for $1000! Is it worth the extra cash?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9:
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Phone provided by Samsung for review.

23 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review: The Total Package!”

  1. 7200itnoel

    the only reason i'd want a note is to draw lots and lots of mindless doodles (with some serious art) without wasting paper then quickly share it.
    I kinda like the black visor design for the cameras of the note8 better tho

  2. s r

    I just got the note 9 3 days ago, coming from having an iPhone. I got so tired of Apple and all of those cords.
    This phone is huge and some of the features are similar. I just don't like the android emojis, but other than that it's pretty cool so far.

  3. david mish

    Came over to the note 9 after being a life long apple user. What I will say is the note 9 is everything the iPhone wishes it could be. Apple was once Inovating and now it's just a company that follows sammy. If you switch over to the note 9 from apple like I did you wont regret it

  4. A. V.

    Still The BEST phone in 2019,because now i can buy brand new and fabric sealed Note 9 for 500€
    And S10+ is one BIG disappointment for me.
    Nothing really innovative for 1200€
    No graphene battery
    Iris scanner
    No better refreshing rate than 60Hz
    No IR blaster
    There is a notch
    No second real speaker
    The stabilization and the wide lens camera are awesome, but to pay 1200€ just for a wide lens camera and better stabilization is not working for me.
    From the other hand for the price of just one S10+ i can buy two Note9 with:
    The same stereo speakers
    The same quality of the camera
    No notch
    The same display
    Iris scanner
    But this is just my personal opinion.
    P.S.iphone ?….What is this iphone ?
    Ooo,i remember now.
    Iphone was that old piece of technology from those greedy mother fuckers from apple.
    Well,FUCK YOU apple ?

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