Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review!

After using the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 extensively, here is my full review! See if the full featured Galaxy Note 9 lives up to the $1000 price tag! Subscribe for more:

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44 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review!”

  1. Valentina Munoz

    when i got it i looked everywhere for the pen in the box called and they said it was Inside my phone? first i got the iphone Xs and i hated it butthen i got this phone the note 9 and im in love with it,

  2. David Martrano

    If you want the phone of the year for 2018 the note9 is it. The absolute best display & all the premium features. Honestly, there is no finer! Notchless……

  3. SouthernGirl

    I love my note 9 512gb I got mine in the note 9 `s were on pre order. I have had my note 9 for 5 months and I am still learning about my phone it has so much stuff on it.

  4. Laurence Adams

    I own an Iphone 7 plus right now…and I really dont have any gripes about it. But if the Galaxy Note 5 is the best phone Ive ever owned, previously, I can only imagine how impressive the Note 9 will be. This will be my next phone purchase.

  5. jjacob25101

    I just picked up my 512G Ocean Blue Note 9 and love it, but still learning snd getting used to it, snd trying to transfer everything s set up from my previous Google Pixel XL 128G. I'm not used to volume buttons on 4t he left side, but easy to make screen shots. I am updating and upgrading as my Pixel XL battery died after hard use over time, expending my recharge cycles. Ditto for my Mophie Juice Pack battery case that I got replaced under warranty this past summer. I am having that replaced under warranty soon to have as my backup phone. Still good to use at home as a mini tablet, but I have a Galaxy Tab E, too.

    I picked up the Speck Presidio case from my Victra Verizon Dealer, since they didn't have the Otterbox Commuter case I have used on all the Motorola Droid phones I had prior to my Pixel XL. It's comparable to the Otterbox, and is temporary, until I get my Mophie battery case that was just recently made available for the Note 9, and unlike the other battery cases available, has wireless charging like the Note 9 does.

    I picked up the Blackweb curved glass screen protector with insect guard technology from Walmart for $15. Looks good, easy to clean the screen and apply with the cleaner swabs and nice microfiber cloth I get to use, and the installation tray. No bubbles, perfect installation. Do far so good. I plan to get the 512G microSD card later. Not a rush, but kind of pricey, so will shop around for the best one, and maybe wait a while to see if the price drops a bit.

    I have been using the Niteize clip cargo belt holsters for all my Motorola Droids, and my present clip cargo wide load case from my Pixel XL, the Note 9 fits with the case, and probably even with the battery case, but I am getting the newer, and slightly bigger XXL Hardshell holster case soon. I prefer the vertical holster, but the also have the horizontal version, for those that prefer it. Home Depot Carries them, as well as their awesome flashlight belt clip holster and lots of the other Niteize keychain accessories, lights, and reusable gear ties from small to huge…

    To me, this is the best phone out there, that is available from all the major carriers and has lots of information and accessories available on, those I know there are a lot of great new phones from the smaller and foreign manufacturers.

  6. iiplaya

    i would try a note 9 but i use videostar, imessage, facetime, 3d touch, and prefer a taptic engine over a normal vibration motor but without all of that sure i’d try this phone.

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