Samsung Galaxy Note 9 speed sketching

If you’re thinking about picking up the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for drawing, illustration or design, check out our speed sketch with the new pen-toting Samsung flagship. Loaded up with an S Pen, coupled with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, this uses Wacom technology to create a drawing experience comparable to that found on a high-end graphic design tablet. Paired with more power than you could hope for, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a beauty. Check out our speed sketch and for more on the Note 9, head over to

38 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 speed sketching”

  1. Snub Dawg

    can i take a picture as a template, than drawing over it and when i'm finished removing the picture from the background so i only have the drawing?

  2. Chan0

    I find the screen to be a bit slippery when drawing would switching one of the pen tips onto the phone make a difference?

  3. Cosmic Marz

    I gave up my iPhone and ordered a note 9 simply for the drawing features. While iMessage and airdrop are awesome features and all, my daily activities are driving to the beach with a coffee and drawing on the sand. I got tired of taking an iPad so I decided to leave the ecosystem 🙂 friends will get a hold of me if they really wanna see me so it doesn’t matter what phone I have. It’s okay to indulge in things like this that would only make me happy and it has 🙂 I love it. Stay creative guys ?

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