Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Tips & Tricks | Best features explored

Samsung’s massive new Galaxy Note 9 is packed with nifty features, both old and new, and a fresh S-Pen with Bluetooth support – and this tips and tricks guide shows you how to get the most from your Note 9 smartphone.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note upgrades the S-Pen stylus with wireless support, so you can control the camera and apps remotely. However, most of the Note 9’s new features have already been seen on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, so this tips and tricks guide runs through a lot of stuff Samsung fans have already seen before.

This Galaxy Note 9 guide shows you how to do the following and more:

Setup and use the S-Pen stylus
Get to grips with the new remote stylus features
Configure the Galaxy Note 8’s display to get Quad HD+ visuals and more
Split-screen with apps and other multi-tasking
How to use Face Widgets
Setup Intelligent Scan for increased security

Check out our full Galaxy S9 and S9+ tips for more great features that you’ll find on the Note 9. You can grab the new Galaxy Note here in the UK later in August, starting at 900 pounds. Stay tuned for our full Note 9 review, camera comparisons and more.

38 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Tips & Tricks | Best features explored”

  1. Recombu

    Are you tempted by Samsung's new Galaxy Note 9, or have you already pre-ordered yours? Let us know your thoughts, and any tips and tricks for the Note 9 that you want to share!

  2. Torab Abdullah

    new OS update (Pie) ruined the recent apps menu and many more. going to spit screen mode is unnecessarily harder now. I hate the new navigation gesture. i would love to degrade back to OS oreo version. if anyone know how i can do that without messing up or losing my data or settings please help me.

  3. Munna Bhai

    Can you please tell how did you get the white bar below the recent apps, home, back buttons? It looks like the edge panel handle. What does it do? It is at 4:27 in the video.

  4. David Cruz

    My Friends are all talking better fotos with their iphone 8 plus we all took a picture of a friend playing his guitar and they picture looked more colorful mine looked douler and he looked pale

  5. Peter Sameh

    The Note 9 is totally worth it, I am using it right now for more than a week. It's pretty awesome, no lags, perfect camera. <3 I am in love with display.

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