Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – TOP 9 FEATURES

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is finally official. It has a lot of features which makes it the top contender for the smartphone of the year. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 has 8GB/512GB variant which makes it one of the few to offer such a massive internal storage. So here are the top 9 features this behemoth of a phone is coming with…

Thumbnail Courtesy: The Verge

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42 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – TOP 9 FEATURES”

  1. Gabriel Candido

    I've always seen people commenting "watching on my note 9"..
    Today is my day, I just got my note 9 and I'm proud af to say "I'm Watching this on my Galaxy Note9!" Cheers

  2. elwingy

    You guys are going to lose your shit when the headphone jack is removed in the future… at the moment it seems like its the best shit in mobile phone technology apparently!

  3. Sabri Tatari

    Thanks, You said the external memory could be extended to one terra bite?.. , and please tell me I want to know about the anti virus system built in?, also can you tell me this phone could be used as mini computer in saving data, photos, videos, archiving and communication..? Does it work with the wireless charger? Thanks again

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