Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Apple iPhone X

It’s the battle of the $1,000 smartphones! Apple’s iPhone X reached that unprecedented mark when it was introduced last year. And now, we have the Galaxy Note 9 included in this exclusive club, boasting more features and goodies than previous devices in the line. Who should earn your hard-earned money?

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29 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Apple iPhone X”

  1. xinxin min

    After setting up my iphone which was relatively easy and quickly>>> (used backup from my old iphone 5), I was then and I am still very happy and satisfied with the phone, it's improved features, larger size and great capability.

  2. AmirCars Info

    I got iPhone X while less than a week and I can return to get note 9 what do you think about it should I change it to note 9 or no iPhone X is better to keep it.

  3. John Cruise

    Maybe they created the notch so you could associate it with the phrase "top notch"? Only probably is it reminds one of "top knot" AKA man bun which immediately causes my stomach to turn.

  4. Zim Zeno

    I hate the Iphone big time with the ugly notch, camera bump and very expensive compared to samsung is worth buying with s-pen and One-Handed mode, dual speaker, dolby atmos dual camera with slo-mo, no bump, bigger screen, Edge screen, brightness 1200 nits, AOD- always on display, 3 biometric, no notch blocking the beautiful oled screen, Super Amoled WQHD 2960×1440 screen resolution, up to 512g extra storage, multi display window, Liquid Cooling, live wallpaper, Customization, bigger battery, 6 or 8 bigger ram, head phone jack, fast charger and headphone included in the box, can also use VR and Samsung Dex Station, now tell me what does Iphone have to make me want to buy Iphone. Iphone is using Samsung Oled screen, Its true Iphone is boring why should i waste my money for boring phone. Think about it what do you do with the phone for a second, minute and hour, stare at it, what do you like to see on the phone, for $1500. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been reviewed on Consumer Reports, they have outed the iPhone XS Max review as well and as expected the Galaxy Note 9 retains its number one spot. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone XS Max rivalry ends with the Note 9 taking the win, at least on Consumer Reports' website.

  5. Davyne Floyd

    I wanted the x then I wanted the note 9 but people are always talking about people with Androids so I really don't know what to do please???? help ??

  6. Paul Greenhow

    So in conclusion the better phone is the one which is the worst??? I think that is how I understand what you said. I'll stick to the worst phone that is actually better . None of that apple shit for me

  7. Charlie Jensen

    Yeah but let's not forget all the technological advancements Apple has brought the world:
    Water resistance
    Wireless charging
    OLED displays
    Large screens
    Fast charging
    Losing the home button

    Oh… wait… forget it, carry on.

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