Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy S9 Plus – Which Should You Buy? | The Tech Chap

Tom The Tech Chap compares the all-new Samsung Galaxy Note9 with the Galaxy S9 Plus (S9+) to find out which is best, and which phone you should buy?
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39 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy S9 Plus – Which Should You Buy? | The Tech Chap”

  1. orfygage

    What most people don't mention (including you), is the improved cooling mechanism of the Note 9.
    The smartphone industry should follow the note's footsteps on that.
    Better cooling is not only to avoid overheating, but also reduces cpu throttling, resulting in better cpu speeds.
    This means, even though the note 9 and s9+ have the same processor and ram, you may notice a difference in speed after some hours of gaming, especially in hot countries.

  2. Jesse Aflleje

    I've never had a Note phone…have had every iPhone since iPhone 3. But last year I went to the S9+ until the iPhone Xs Max came out. But now pondering should I go to the new S10+ or look at the Note 9. Any recommendations?

  3. Farhood Orya

    Guys, the s9 plus looks wayyyy better than the note 9.
    The note 9 only has 14% more battery than the s9 plus.
    I don't see myself using the s pen at all.
    If y'all curious on which one to buy, go for the s9 plus.
    It's wayyyy more premium and looks better.
    BTW the titanium grey color on the s9 plus looks dope

  4. Evelyn Pendall

    Did you actually cluck on the plastic PEN and something happened on the Screen?!? I own the Note 8 and didn't see it here anything about that feature, or were you going do fast that it looked as if you did something with the plastic pen, the note 8 pladt pen is just that a piece is plastic ISNT IT?!?

  5. Lauren Cia

    I want to buy note 9 but i don't really like the design. No matter how much i look at it, i still don't like the design on note 9. But note 9 have more features.

  6. David Martrano

    I use the s9+ and very happy with it. I really don't have any use for the s-pen. Plus I got for 529.00 USD brandy new in the box with Verizon. Of course it was the Black Friday 24hr sale. No complaints & running Android9!

  7. nizidibi

    Note user forever here. I would go no question for the Note. BUT i must admit that the bigger screen size of the S series make me wanna try them more and more. Also i must admit these prices are crazy. I never bought a phone for more then 300$. I would definitely wait and buy one second hand for a more affordable price or as a package from the phone company.

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