Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs HTC U12+: Camera Comparison!

We compare the smartphone cameras on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the HTC U12+ in this video. All the pictures taken replicate those that an average consumer would take using their smartphone. Let us know what you think about the results down below!

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Voiceover and Edit: Vaibhav Pradip
Music: Epidemic Sound

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39 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs HTC U12+: Camera Comparison!”

  1. 영호김

    갤럭시 s10 이 폭발했다는데 삼성에서는 소비자 과실이라고 주장하고있네요
    노트7 같은 사태가 생길지모르겠습니다.
    삼성이 잘만드건 없는데 폭발폰은 잘만드네요.

  2. Decscomputer

    I think the ship look more sharper and with more details at HTC 12 same like pier. The pictures with lights at tree look more sharper and with more details too specially the lights. The night pictures at Note 9 maybe have minor noise but are look more washed at HTC 12 plus look more sharper as I saw in the video. I dont know if the pictures look better in live.

  3. Cristi Soare

    In day time HTC U12 plus was better, the selfies are also better on the U12 plus and the night shots are better on the Note 9 but not by much and also the zoom is better on the Note 9.Also the HTC U12 Plus pictures are more natural so based from what you shown HTC U12 is better as overall.

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