Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Huawei P20 Pro: Camera Comparison!

We take a look at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 camera in this video and put it up against the Huawei P20 Pro’s triple camera setup. Over the months, the Huawei phone has proven to be the camera to beat so we thought how close the Note 9 can come or potentially even beat it.

The samples included in this camera comparison are ones that an average smartphone user would take for a better understanding of the camera’s performance. Additionally, all the photos have been taken in ‘Auto’ mode.

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Voiceover and Edit: Daanesh Kalyaniwalla/Vaibhav Pradip
Music: Epidemic Sound

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23 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Huawei P20 Pro: Camera Comparison!”

  1. Darkreaper7897

    I'm impressed with both cameras they both have their ups and downs I thought the Huawei was gonna be so much better but on some pics it was better this is a hard choice for someone who really wants the phone out of the 2

  2. cornelius fannendra

    BCS this video, I'm confused about what i have to buy for my next smartphone. note 9 is great for the experience, but for the camera isn't. camera from the p20 pro is really great, but i hate the phone using notch (even though you can hide it). can somebody give advice for me of these both phone?

  3. Alecxis Thunnery

    Am i the only one that thinks that P20 had a great camera but the Note 9 has the better performance as a phone and have the overall package as a phone (like features, quality, options, personalization, customization)???.. I mean note 9 close to perfectness??.. This p20 pics can be edited in samsung gallery app and it will better like p20..? p20 camera doesnt offer you that much options of how you like to shot pictures not like note 9.

  4. mrhangover Rox

    So funny these comments, most of it just a kid just first time use p20 pro and saying it's a beast bla bla bla, but these kid's haven't try other phone yet. LMAO ??

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