Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Huawei P20 Pro | Side-by-side

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 and the Huawei P20 Pro, two mighty Android smartphones boasting premium specs, slick camera tech and some smart features – compared side-by-side.

Our P20 Pro vs Note 9 comparison shows how Samsung and Huawei stack up in every department. Check out our Note 9 vs Oneplus 6 feature to see how the new Galaxy stands up to our favourite 2018 phone, and head to Recombu for my full P20 Pro review – our Galaxy Note 9 review is inbound!

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38 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Huawei P20 Pro | Side-by-side”

  1. Tech Spurt

    Attempt two at uploading – YouTube capped it at 360p for some reason the first time?? Here's my Note 9 vs P20 Pro comparison in glorious 4K, let me know which one is your Huckleberry in the comments below – cheers!

  2. Dan Evans

    I have to take a lot of product and packaging pictures and the P20 Pro has replaced my DSLR and whatever I capture on it can be printed on a billboard. The picture quality makes post-production a breeze. It's amazing!

  3. Vicki Howe

    Went from Note 9 to P20 Pro because of size, P20 Pro has packed the same size battery in a more compact design. And camera is just as good if not better, especially at night P20 Pro camera kills note 9 ??

  4. Michael Carter

    my partner has the p20 pro and it is amazing and he loves it but i dont know why but the note 9 has really cought my eye this year so think i will have to go for t hat one. when i get it i hope it better than the p20 pro coz it is alot more expensive but i love a phone thats abit difference and i have not had a note phone yet xx

  5. Mark Stefanac

    PRO uses Kirin 970 which has an AI pattern which works flawlessly when it comes to software fluidity.

    Note has a better screen, a nice pen which is a gimmick, tho & better video. That's about it. Day Photos are similar quality wise, night mode and lowlight goes to Huawei. Software is on par, PRO has a frontal fingerprint which is a BIG + for me, better design, an IR Blaster and other stuff.

  6. Jonathan reid

    I had p20 pro sold it to get s9 plus what a massive mistake I made so now I'm going back to p20 pro twilight anyway the slo motion on p20 pro is excellent easy to use s9 plus is more awkward and I prefer the p20 pro usage and battery life and internet connection on 4g works more places than s9 plus only good thing about s9 plus expandable storage but that's it.

  7. Joseph Annatu

    Note 9 is just another new name.. coz i.dont see any BIG innovation on it…other brands are doing better and making price more affordable. Great video..good luck to note9.

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