Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs OnePlus 6!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs the OnePlus 6. Enjoy!
The Note 9 might be the best expensive, no compromises smartphone of 2018 but how does it stack up against the $500 OnePlus 6 which might be the best phone for the money? Here’s my review/camera comparison and more.

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50 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs OnePlus 6!”

  1. CTRL F Gaming

    I have the OP6 and had the S9+ which has the same camera as the Note and you simply can't compare them. The OP6 is absolutely trash and a lot comes down to poor image processing. Slap the Gcam on there and it improves in terms of HDR and crispness, but still. They're miles apart when you actually take a proper look at the photos, especially if you're the kind of guy or girl to blow your pictures up on a big screen.

  2. Jim James

    on the note 9, if you turn off the animation and animation scaling, under developers setting, and set high performance ON, the note 8 will bury the oneplus and the note 8 has a much higher pixel density, 30 % higher. along with the stylus, cannot beat the note 9. photos on plusone look grey and cold like iphone photos, the samsung photos and videos are awesome, colors are amazing. once you use the stylus, no going back. the oneplus is not even close, just a cheap phone.

  3. GrassOnMan

    oneplus and other companies like xiaomi or other not so branded ones prove that flagships are just overpriced and actually samsung phones are probably on the more reasonibly priced side

  4. LTZ 863

    All these fuckers on here on Samsung's fan boy wagon can't even afford the damn phone! They'll put it on credit and skip their rent and groceries for the next few months just to show off on the gram. Haaaaaaaaa! Fuck Samsung

  5. 21minute

    Note 9 is a premium phone with maxed out specs. Get that if you want top notch experience and a heavy user with "brand bragging rights" thing. Plus 6 is a budget friendly phone without sacrifying too much. Go with that if you don't want to cash out on a phone and still get great experience.

  6. Carlos Ivan

    Well if you need the top of the line cell get the note. If you want a budget friendly get the note 8 lol. The one plus is good but not to compete with the note line.

  7. The Squirminator

    Im getting the onplus6 on a few monhes and i could get the note 9 but im not a big video user and i have a dslr for photos so mi not taking pic that would win prizes with it so i dont need the camera and it comes in silk whit so i love the look of it and will hopefully love it

  8. Abe Schwartz

    OnePlus 6 for the price it's great, but the note 9 does everything better with more features, it's not fair to the OnePlus 6 or the note 9 to compare the 2

  9. Alexander

    Bixby only button and Samsung bloatware definitely not worth. If it was 700 maybe. Not a fan of Samsung's crappy UI, bloatware, and guaranteed slow down after a few months.

    Vote with ur dollars, smartphone companies will continue increasing prices for incremental upgrades.

    Idiots who think wasting money means their luxurious or have status are imbeciles

  10. Eevnos

    I absolutely love what OnePlus does man.
    I'm still using the 5T and honestly don't have any reason to upgrade to anything else right now.
    Not to knock the Note 9, but it's not the be all end all of smartphones.

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