Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs S7 edge Speed Test, Cameras & Speakers!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy S7 edge Speed Test, Low Light Camera Test & Speakers!

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43 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs S7 edge Speed Test, Cameras & Speakers!”

  1. Salvatore Provino

    I'm at 1:39 on the video, already noticed flaws in your test
    1)Boot is unfair because of the branding of the phone, it has a bootscreen more and it affets 100% boot time
    2)You configured the double tap home button to open camera, which slows a lot the process of going back home because the system waits for an eventual second press
    3)You opened the apps on the s7 edge while the phone was still booting, you need to wait 1-2 minutes and make it colder, then we start from an even condition
    Said so, I keep watching until the end, sure that the Note 9 outclasses the s7 edge. Until now i don't know the margins because of these errors you made

  2. Aidan Crecco

    So I have an s7 edge and mine has been the same speed as this for as long as I've had it. After reading the comments this seems to be a verizon problem. If I bought an unlocked phone, would i still be able to put a verizon sim card in it and would it not be this slow?

  3. aj nav

    your s7 edge is definitely down as i have my second phone s7 edge and its much faster and in most of the cases head to head with note 9

  4. HairoftheDog

    For the people saying that it's fake and faulty, I started having Speed and Performance issues with my S7 Edge after Samsung pushed the Android 8.0 update in 2017 and all the security updates since. It's planned obsolescence. Maybe yours gets a pass because you're not a power user. Maybe you don't do that much on your phone. There is a known issue with Samsung Gear VR that causes significant battery drain and performance issues. My phone runs okay now that I've disabled those apps and all the bloatware. I have the AT&T variant. For solid year or so I had blazing performance. You also have to remember that app Developers constantly add new features for the newer power-hungry phones and former flagships can quickly get left in the dust as far as optimization and performance. This also includes with the new Android software that gets pushed out. It's not priority for them. Not three years later. If you have one that's running well, then I assume you've either simply taken care of it, not updated it, have an Exynos/International variant or you've just plain gotten lucky.

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