Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – Full Comparison

In today’s video, we will do a full comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. A lot of people are wondering whether to not they should upgrade from the Note 9 to the Galaxy S10 Plus, or if they are first time shoppers, which one to choose.

So in this video, will compare the processor, camera, design, build, battery and more and give you the answer you need.

Let’s dive in.

Buy the Note 9 for $769:
Buy the S10 Plus ($1000):

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23 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – Full Comparison”

  1. cougar24

    Are either of them worth getting now for around $650 – $700? Or should I wait for the Note 10 in August that should similar features of both and more?

  2. SerittaR

    I got my note 9 for $50 unlocked ? I'm one of those people that would usually be stupid and get the latest phone but uhm this phone right here is bomb and I love it and not letting go ???

  3. M

    i have note 9,I'll upgrade when samsung makes folding note phone with full screen,i envy powershare and galaxybuds compatibility tho but this year im buying a new device surface anyway as my laptop got old,so next years

  4. Tonin Pernokaj

    I have note 9 – 6 ram, 128 GB storage already 5 months and half and the battery suck,! It drops drastically since the last update to android pie! Other negative on note 9 are – the finger print in back, curved screen, and sometimes it freezes for almost a minute!! Foto cameras give a wired colour of yellow and specially in the dark!
    It was bought directly from Samsung France 1010 E
    But I love the s, pen and it is a great phone in its way ?. Galaxy S10 it does make a bit change but still not that much for a convincing to switch it from note 9 to S 10

  5. Cuba G

    S10 looks nice, but the more squarish look of note 9 is why I preferred it over the S series. The pen also gives u many advantages, I like to draw. Or work with text copying and editing. Using fingers can be very frustrating. The S10 may be slightly better qua specs. But certainly aint worth the buy if u have note 9.

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