Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with One UI and Android 9.0 Pie – Awesome?

The Galaxy Note 9 is slated to get the official Samsung One UI very soon which will also bring Android 9.0 Pie to note 9 owners. In this video, we will show a few things you have been asking about and look at some details of the Samsung One UI running on the Note 9.

Let’s dive in and discover.

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46 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with One UI and Android 9.0 Pie – Awesome?”

  1. Dan Pete

    I have a few bugs wifi calling don't work and sometimes you have to when you move apps to sd card two times when you do it the first time it says there is not enough space when I do have space I have a 64gb sd card in my phone and the background play sometimes dont work so Samsung one ui with android pie has some bugs

  2. robert haibi

    I really don't care what the default looks like… I'm still gonna run nova launcher over it as I always do. The integrated dark mode is gonna be great though along with the easier one hand use. But alas… T-Mobile Note 9 is still waiting with the Galaxy S10 quickly approaching.

  3. Zawaar Shah

    I'm a noob and was wondering when Android 9 will come out for the csc below: N960FOXM2ARK1
    The active csc code is XSA (Australian unbranded). Some XSA firmwares have received android 9 here in Australia while I haven't. Does anyone know why?

  4. Whirling Cuckoo

    Clearly Samsung Sucks! But It's ironic that we as consumers fall into all the bullshit strategy and hype without question? Samsung releases large panel handsets and then later releases an update catered for one hand usage?? Samsung abandons LCD/LED screens and release OLED then later release dark themed updates to prevent battery wastage/screen burns due to OLED technology? Samsung blasts the screen notch design and then releases S10 with a screen notch/eye inlet?? Samsung abandons the front facing fingerprint sensor then release it again later? Samsung takes away expandable storage on S6/S6+ then later releases it again on next version? Samsung thrives on durability then release handsets with the shitty curved screen panel and glass backs?? The list goes on…. Btw I hate the look of the new cartoonish update, icons are too rounded for my liking and the waste of screen space doesn't make sense?

  5. Ivan 26

    I'm using the swipe up gesture instead of having the navigation bar all the time but when I open the keyboard there's a gap between the keyboard and the chin of the phone.Anyone knows how can I fix that?

  6. Ray Jeegr

    Hi is there a way how to turn the multitasking view in a list form instead of having to scroll between applications? I really liked the feature on the previous version. thanks

  7. Mayur Rulez

    The game launcher app after the update sucks.. bcuz i cnnot run the game on full screen mode.. p.s the camera settings chnged which was better in 8.1 oreo

  8. Clifford Anup Dhamanigi

    Hey, thanks for the review. I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to lock my most used apps and the one's like my music player which shouldn't be closed from the recent apps view if I selected close all. You thought me how to do that, really appreciate it!

  9. Gift Nderecha

    They shld move everything down for instance the search bar in the app drawer, the settings cog and edit tiles in the notification shade, add over scroll to icon folders as well as move the icon folders down. I like the direction but they need to completely do it. As far as icons i miss the bright old ones but i cn get used to these new ones

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