Samsung Galaxy Note LTE vs Apple iPhone 4S

PhoneArena presents a brief comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Note LTE and Apple iPhone 4S.
Storming onto the scene, the Samsung Galaxy Note LTE has proven itself as one captivating smartphone that’s very different from mostly everything else, but it’s going to take more than BIG talk to take away the iPhone’s grasp on the market, so let’s find out who these two titans in the smartphone world stack up against one another…
For more details, check out our full comparison:

40 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note LTE vs Apple iPhone 4S”

  1. 6shades

    I dissagree with you the iphone's photos and picture's colore doesn NOT look richer it looks washed out. where as the note actualy have darker more richer color.

  2. Straight8

    good point,
    so many device & hardware in a lots of vendor will give us more choice .. they're competing so there will many cheap phone with great performance.
    but the problem is in the app market developer, they will have a lot of work to compiling their app to make it compatible with a lot of hardware & device .. and it's not often happened in iPhone.. i will fairly admit that android had a lot of free app, & free good game and feel iPhone is draining fanboy money (for non jail beaked user)

  3. Alex Santiago

    true that one operating system will work best for the device it was made for. but in some cases, like windows 7, it isnt bad on many computers, its improving actually. it depends highly on the specs, which iphone successfully did. crappy android phones will go off mainly because of specs rather than operating system. i think its a 50-50 with software and hardware. hopefully in the future technology will advance to the point of just choosing out of personal preference rather than fluidity

  4. Straight8

    i think android has too much release a different os with lots of waste change ..
    iOS got their point, one Operating System with patch & generations, so easy to roll back and update .. and also the system is stable .. im bored for too much force close in android, my sister use 3gs, and mine is optimus 2x, .. both can play a heavy game .. so the system is have a good effect .. besides android got too much device, so it will ruin the system.. too much device not good for compability ..

  5. Todd Walker

    Great video and very fair. I still prefer Apple with the style and flow of IOS and all of apples services, but I do like the size of th Galaxy Note. Even though it's tempting, I the iPhone is so much better!

  6. Imran Zakhaev

    LOL dude you know nothing except what apple have brainwashed you to think. Open your eyes and see that apple are not the lead on innovation, and that non-apple devices are generally better.

  7. desamania

    If I didn't have an iphone I would have the Note!!! I'm no fanboy of anything, I got the iphone because I like it & it never gave me any problems. I'm impartial. People crack me up like Apple just forced them to by law to buy their products at one time or something. If you don't like something just ignore it when you see it on the shelf, it's not gonna affect on your life, geeeesh!!!

  8. gilmaster63

    Hmm. I still like apple. Maybe it's not the best right now, but I like it. I am not saying I hate android or windows phone (although I haven't tried the windows phone). Some people say: "IT'S BETTER BECUASE OF THE BIGGER SCREENS", maybe! but I don't wanna carry a TV to make phone calls in a future.

  9. MANNY81516

    Lag if I were to download a page on an iPhone it will be old news it is very slow and I can't see some YouTube videos on it and it doesn't have flash player

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