Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Review: The Only Thing It Doesn't Do Is Fold

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Ever since Samsung started offering super-sized versions of its Galaxy S phones (beginning with the Galaxy S6 edge plus in 2015) the differentiators that have traditionally made the Galaxy Note stand out have been diluted. And now that the Galaxy Fold has taken its place as the pinnacle of ambitious smartphone design (from Samsung and otherwise) what exactly is the Galaxy Note in 2020? Where does it fit? And most importantly: is the top-of-the-line Galaxy Note 20 Ultra worth its high asking price?

Let’s uncover the answers together, on a ten-day test drive from Manhattan to Montauk with MrMobile – and the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra!



MrMobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Review was produced following ten days with a Galaxy Note20 Ultra review sample provided by Samsung. The device was tested on Verizon between Brooklyn, NY and the North and South Forks of Long Island, NY. Preproduction sample running release software. The lone sponsor of this video is dbrand; neither Samsung nor any other company paid a fee or otherwise offered compensation in exchange for this coverage.

Special thanks to David Cogen; David Imel; Hayato Huseman; and all who contributed their Galaxy Note S Pen artwork to this video!


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31 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Review: The Only Thing It Doesn't Do Is Fold”

  1. Savage 1776

    These phones have been $1,000 every year since the Note 7. I've owned a note since the Note 2. Every year the specs get a little bit better in the phone gets a little bit better. Only thing I'm sickened by is 4 and 5 years ago I was still spending $1,000 for the junk that I was getting compared to what's out now. But it's still the same thousand dollars every year

  2. John Foster

    ……its called " lightweight external battery " to help mega power users who have no life as their nose is imbedded in a phone screen all day !!! Get off your phone and go reproduce like normal humans used to do !!

  3. Menaka K

    What I hate is that if you go up to 512GB, it's only available in plain black. If we're coughing up thousands of dollars for the phone, we should be able to get the mystic bronze that they've been using in their advertisements. 🙁

  4. Nate Mevec

    Flat back, no camera bump in order to give me a bigger battery. Would have made this the perfect phone. Will buy one still, but that’s the only miss.

  5. John Castille

    If Samsung sold a phone thats as thick as the Note 20 ultra + camera bump to provide a bigger battery I'd be a day 1 purchase. I love my note 2p ultra but the battery feels worse than the Note 9 sometimes.


    I'll be honest I love my note 20 ultra so much I don't even click in the spen properly so I can get it out easier , love it , Rolling a case and the factory screen protector

  7. JAM

    1000 percent. Make the thing bigger. Who cares how thin it is. Give us a battery that is a power user battery. It might have helped the camera bump and it would help with the throttling of the refresh/ screen resolution. I'm getting one but dont understand some of the choices. Why cant there be a phone that is made completely based on top specs, features, screen quality, and battery, and just put the "design" second… try it out at least samsung

  8. Michael Redline

    They try to make the Note 10 better but they kind of deviated off from it.
    the Note 10 was a 24-hour battery no matter what you did with it pretty much.
    I had the Note 10 plus 5G but I cracked the screen and when insurance went to replace it Samsung had discontinued the phone.
    So now I get the note 20 Ultra 5G

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