Samsung Galaxy Note8 Introduction Video

This is the phone created for those who do bigger things.
It turns ideas into possibilities and captures life big time.
The phone that defined big, just got bigger.

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#myGalaxyNote8 #DoWhatYouCant

30 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note8 Introduction Video”

  1. Wybert Chin

    Anyone have the same issue? After i update to OneUI, i play game always laging! I cant use GAME TUNER anymore! All game cant have high in-game image, and also make me cant smooth play MOBA game! I hate ONE UI !!! Pls make GameTuner can be install again! One UI is not make for gamer! Pls focus on this issue!

  2. Matt Matt

    It is this!! Smartphone!!!!!!
    A God Smartphone. There will never be a better one! And the designing is a God designing.

    Best Samsung ever
    Best Smartphone ever.

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