35 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S II vs. iPhone 4 – Android vs. iOS”

  1. Jewel Werts

    Everyone say the smartphone is better lol… because deep down they cannot afford an iPhone any idiot can buy a smartphone. excuse me a droid phone. That is how poorly Lame. they are in this future the sound quality sounds like shit. And when you download on it it may work or it may not work. so continue to buy your stupid galaxy LG zte blu all of them suck. And some Android phones may had mechanical problems .

  2. Myxa

    Да на вашем айфоне даже через USB кабель нельзя нечего перикочать

  3. aebaadcode

    People listen
    Those phones sucks
    Thats all i need to say
    Iphone 4 really its sucks
    Shitsung s2?
    No words to say
    This phone is so bad that i could replace my wii u and ps4 with xbox one
    (I dont have ps4 or ps3 i have xbox 360)
    I mean really this phone sucks really hard!!
    I mean fake games and malware viruses in app
    Piracy and stuff
    Even sony with psp cannot go that bad
    (Psp got big homebrew piracy and stuff)
    So if i will buy a phone
    I will buy iphone 5c
    Or windows phone
    Android sucks dick
    (My mom and dad had a tablet and it was a shitty
    Really shitty one
    With android)
    Now my parents have ipad air and some windows phones
    Now thats a good gadets
    (This comment is just my opinion
    I dont really like android and all stuff in it
    But i like the creative with special passcode)

  4. Georgi Atanasov

    why is the iphone 4 better? 512mb ram. 0.8 ghz single core. 5mp camera. no gorilla glass. 0.3 mp front camera. no nfc. no removable battery. no extra sd card. older bluetooth. no DLNA. no touch auto focus. and a smaller screen size. you have almost no customization. and you are trapped in a jail.
    lets see if that is you twice the money of a galaxy s2 is worth

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