Samsung Galaxy S10 – 10 Actual Hidden Features (That You Have Never Seen)

In this video, I will share 10 actual hidden features for your samsung galaxy s10 and s10 plus. I can guarantee you that you do not know all these features, unless you are a *genius*.

Let’s dive in and discover hidden features on the Galaxy S10.

Case I am using for my Galaxy S10:

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33 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 – 10 Actual Hidden Features (That You Have Never Seen)”

  1. Bishop Kalliko

    Thanks for this, eager to apply these to the phone. I now have these question: What is the best braided usb-c 3.0 cable & fast charging brick setup out there so I can keep that in my bag when I travel and so forth. Then what would you suggest is the best notes/password keeper app as I had Notes Everything on my previous phone and it broke and the data was not retrievable upone reinstalling on my new phone and now I have all my notes (car tuneup info/work notes & passwords, etc) GONE…and can't play that hand again this time around. Thanks

  2. Peter Janak Jr

    With previous galaxy models. When you played a game, the option to use game tools appeared in the notification window. With the S10. No such notification appears and there is no place on the phone to turn on game tools that I can find. What's up with that?

  3. quinnsteimlosk

    Is there a way for me to record phone calls? Say I have a kidnapper on the line, or need to get some hard evidence of a lie… that function would be incredibly useful

  4. andrewpm2

    the "End Call w Power Button" is a great option. Thanks
    Do you know if there is a way to have the messages use the full screen by default rather than having "Messages" take up 1/3 of the top? It's a waste of screen space.
    Do you know if there is a way to have only mobile numbers appear when using the Messages app? Samsung used to have that feature and it prevented all the home, fax, work numbers from appearing when trying to send a txt msg. Most people don't know which number is what and it doesn't tell you which specific number it is so you can choose the mobile number.

  5. Pitch-Black Idiot

    Can I ask how you remove some options thing on your power button? Cause when I press the power button i can see the mobile data turn on/off and wanted to remove it so I can only see Power Off, Restart, Emergency and the Lock Down mode.

  6. Mike Dobbelaere

    Never thought I was going to abandon my Swiftkey keyboard which I used for years now, but I'm gonna give the Samsung standard keyboard a try…. I may even like it better than Swiftkey!

  7. Arthur_AK

    I think call popup was only thing useful and what I didn't know, apart from the select tools but I use ASKeyboard as I have used that for years now even in my previous phone.

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