SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 5G – Cheaper Than S10 Plus!?

The Galaxy S10 5G is coming and its reportedly going to be cheaper than the s10 plus!
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The Galaxy 5G will be the next flagship release from samsung. It will be released very soon and new reports are suggesting that the 5G may be cheaper than the maxed out s10 plus. A lot of people are very excited for 5G so that samsung galaxy 5g will no doubt be as successful as the rest of the range. Today we cover the specs, price & design of the Galaxy s10 5G as well as official unboxing video.

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20 Replies to “SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 5G – Cheaper Than S10 Plus!?”

  1. Kathy Smith

    Was originally planning on getting the S10+ to replace my S8+ but I really wanted a bigger screen & faster charging. The S10 5G has both BUT Samsung took the micro sd card slot away. That's a deal breaker for me. So, am hoping the Note 10 will have both plus the micro sd card slot, headphone jack and the newer specs that didn't make it into the S10 series. Never had a Note only 3 of the older S series.

  2. 1wt5xrt

    What I would like to know and maybe tomorrow will tell with the S10 5G being release in South Korea is if it will come with UFS 3.0? UFS 3.0 would probably be a bigger factor in me getting the phone over the 5G aspect.

  3. Mike Dawson

    I'll stick with one plus just seems like u get firmware updates faster hoping for wireless charging one day but I'm wondering if that will ever happen maybe not

  4. Miguel Rodriguez

    Do you believe the prices of these phones will ever stop increasing? I feel like myself, more people are holding off on upgrading so quickly compared to a few years ago

  5. Nancy Femmer

    Great review TT, Always look forward to all your techy stuff.
    It won't to me, cause I couldn't afford anyways.
    I'm like you, waiting to see what the Note 10's going to be like.
    Thank you so much… ?

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