Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Review: A Great 4G Phone [4K]

– Just like the rest of the lineup, Galaxy S10 5G is a great phone. That is, until you hook it up to a 5G network. Network coverage surely will vary by the region, but it made the phone heat up and drain battery severely even in one of the best covered area of Seoul.


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  1. Donald Stoute

    Uuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm why does the title say a great for G phone? It's not a great 4G phone it's a great phone that can do 5G in a 5G coverage area 4 G is standard so change your title dude

  2. Yudo NeidaNo

    this phone is pointless. by the time the network is viable you will have moved on to another device. you're paying $200-300 more for a feature that's a non-functioning battery hog.

  3. Hardy Tom

    I got it for $100 in South Korea with 2 yr plan. 5G? For most of the time it only gets LTE signal. So the gist is that it is quite the same as ordinary 4G models.

  4. Vitalik Vitalkinov

    hey friend u had N verison so it's Korean, if it not having micro sd slot. Doest it have DUAL card? or just slot for one SIM ? And i dont understand the differences between front cameras in 5g and 10+ ? 5g have 3 front cameras or no? i can see 3 holes..

  5. Jason Elliott

    underKG i have a question. In Australia the Telstra network are doing a free upgrade. i have the S10+, when the S10 5G is available here in a couple of mths Telstra is doing a free up grade from the S10+ to the S10 5G if we want too.
    Should i stick with the S10+ for the next 2 years or take the free swap. i love my S10+ only had it for 4 weeks but 5G is exciting i think. Thanks in advance & great review.

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