Samsung Galaxy S10 5G | Unboxing & Tour

Unboxing Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G, a 6.7-inch behemoth smartphone boasting upgraded camera tech compared with even the S10 Plus model. Our hands-on review runs through the specs, tours the One UI software, explores the best features and shows off that camera, to see if this model is best for you.

Here in the UK, that super-fast mobile network is live on Vodafone and EE. You can take advantage by grabbing the Samsung S10 5G, which boasts much of the same hardware as the standard Galaxy flagship. However, the Dynamic AMOLED display has been boosted in size, while the storage options are also slightly different.

This handset also packs six cameras in total, including a ToF lens around back and up front – more than even the S10+.

If you’re tempted by Samsung’s most premium 2019 smartphone, you can grab it on contract from Vodafone. A £72 per month plan gives you unlimited 5G access:

Are you tempted by this performance-boosted Samsung S10 device? Stay tuned for a full review and comparisons vs other 5G phones!

40 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 5G | Unboxing & Tour”

  1. feelgood909

    Screen is damn fragile and unlocking with finger print is very capricious. When you see that the screen get scratches although it's well protected and you need 5 attempts to unlock it, it's hard to have a ggod feeling with this smartphone.

  2. prakunda

    Flipping joke this phone!!!!!
    Got it on contract with original samsung cover!! Dropped on the pavement in the original samsung cover worth £50 and all back side is smashed!!!!! The back side of phone is made of glass!!!!
    Who is the idiot come up with this stupid idea??!!!
    Really pisses off!!!

  3. Mr Budh

    @Tech Spurt. Can I view blocked messages on this device like i can with the Huawei mate 20 pro?
    Please do reply. And does it have a separate private space.

  4. NickBhat12

    I recently upgraded to the S10 5G on EE and experiencing issues with the phone getting online. The connection seems to be very temperamental on 5G and although it might display that you are connected to 5G the connection is non existent and on many occasions you have to restart the phone in order to get back online. I've made repeated calls to EE who have now acknowledged that there is a wider problem and are investigating. The handset has also been replaced because I thought it could be faulty but the replacement has the same connection issues. In the meantime I have now switched the 5G connection off in the settings and so far it seems quite stable on 4G. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues….?

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