Samsung Galaxy S10 5G vs S10 Plus | Bigger, and better?

Comparing Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus with the new S10 5G, to see which mighty 2019 smartphone is best for you. It’s not just the 5G connectivity which separates these two – the specs and camera tech are also different in quite a few ways, as is the battery life.

The S10+ might seem like a beast at 6.4-inches, yet the 6.7-inch Galaxy S10 5G is the biggest Samsung phone around. That’s not the only hardware difference either. You get a larger 4500mAh battery in comparison to the Plus model’s 4100mAh cell, while the more premium smartphones also boasts quick charge at 25W.

The S10 5G serves up a bonus ToF camera lens around back, while also swapping out the front 8MP depth sensor for a second ToF lens. Those camera features and performance are almost identical however, with the exception of the new Live Focus video mode.

Speed-wise, these phones are comparable – they both serve up the same specs, although the S10+ can be grabbed with 12GB RAM (can anyone say ‘overkill’). However, the 5G version delivers better battery life, even if it lacks the expandable storage of the Plus.

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45 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 5G vs S10 Plus | Bigger, and better?”

  1. vinyl monster

    Ive been very happy with my S10 Plus and have been considering making it my final mobile phone without upgrading any further, unless they come out with something really stunning and different. But, I honestly dont see that happening any time soon – I have all the devices I need and barely use the ones I have… longer going to kill myself trying to keep upgrading everything.

  2. Lloyde Turner

    The s10 5g is more comfortable to hold. Having that extra surface area to relax your hand across without having a kink or slight arched hand. And the extra battery is worth it. Both of mine lasted a good two days of average use.

  3. ringo rillo

    I don't mind if S10 5G doesn't have SD card slot. 256 gig is too much for a memory storage. I go with the advanced S10 5G for future 5G connectivity.

  4. Gustav Axelsson Åk6

    Is samsung s10 plus 5g still availibale because i cant find where you can buy it If you know anything If it is still availibale please answer because i wanted too buy this phone but i cant find it anywhere

  5. Owen Walters

    Where did you get that wallpaper from?? And I bought the galaxy s10 5G and I love it so far, except because not that much people have it there isn't any good wallpaper to hide the front cameras its all for the s10 plus

  6. roblox defender

    After 5g if they make a 6g or something they will remove 2g as quite a few phones have a 2g 3g 4g chip and as soon as we get higher gs then they might just remove the older gs. 🙂

  7. 14onyx

    I found the Width of the s10 5G to be an issue here. I couldn't actually see any other phone in this dimensions range that has the same width size. it looks uncomfortable to use single hand over tome, and it's basically a tablet.

    I get the additional TOF sensor but even the P40 pro got one and it's not as crazy big. The only reason I wouldn't buy the S10 plus, glorious as it looks is the Forever charging time it's got

  8. _Raqi

    I want the 5G since it came out …. But my hands are soooo small…. I probably won't buy it just because of the size. Whyyyyyyy

  9. Brock Mak

    2:06 My S10+ does have screen protector pre-installed. I don't normally use one, but since it's there, I'm just using it to guard against fingerprints, and me eventually having to clean them.

  10. De Naja' Handy

    Didn't know the 5G was bigger than the plus, but I should of known. They're basically the same minus the battery capacity and some camera specs that don't matter much, to me anyways. I have the S10+ 1TB with 512MB MicroSD card. If I didn't have this phone and deciding between the two, I would hands down pick the plus because of the space alone and extra storage slot. The size is big enough for me.

    Though i'm confused on the plus not supporting 5G. Most of the time my mobile signal has 5G next to 5bars. If it doesn't support 5G, then why is the 5G showing up and not 4G?

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