Samsung Galaxy S10+ AND Galaxy Buds Unboxing!

Tired of S10 footage yet? Well here’s one more Samsung Galaxy S10 Unboxing and Samsung Galaxy Buds Unboxing (the new airpods competitor?). It’s a pretty fun two for 1. Which model are you most interested in Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, or Galaxy S10e? Let me know in the comments down below!

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25 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10+ AND Galaxy Buds Unboxing!”

  1. Black People Be Like

    imo the wired earbuds that come in the box have better sound quality than the buds but these are nice to carry around and they work flawlessly with the s10 plus. But they do stick out of my ears a little bit which does suck

  2. lovelygeminibren

    If they were gonna do a floating camera they could’ve left it in the middle instead of weirdly floating off to the side of the screen, I don’t like that, it just kinda throws the look of the phone off but other than that it has a beautiful screen, Apple needs to get on that cause their like molasses with their phone screen sizes, the xs max screen is just the full length of the size of the 6s plus, 7 plus, & 8 plus not any bigger and why you keep emphasizing about not being broke dude, nobody gaf if your broke or not when clearly your not just give us the reviews

  3. Kish B

    when I listen to music on my buds at max volume and open a game, it seems like my volume increases noticeably and when I close or exit the game the music volume goes back down to its normal max volume. is there a way to keep it at the higher volume? I think it has something to do with dolby atmos for gaming but how can I keep that on when I'm not playing games?

  4. Zach Antin

    Galaxy buds rock, until they break and samsung will do absolutely nothing to help you. Am I annoyed about their lack of help? Yes! Am I also trying to save you from a left earbud dying 57 minutes after purchase and then being refused any sort of warranty service? Absolutely!

  5. Enigmatic Paradox

    I love how Samsung adds the little details. I have the S10+ 1tb in ceramic black. So the S10+ on the box is black and not white. Also all the accessories are in matte black. Its the little things…

    Also the adapter can be used for transferring data from your old phone to the new one. If you have Samsung it'll install the software that's needed for the transfer and from there, follow the on screen options. Much faster than any other transfer options.

  6. Olivia Anderson

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  7. Alka Eliades

    Currently, the same only thing that makes me hesitant about buying these is that I have a Google Pixel 2 XL and I don't know what to expect when using these buds on it.

  8. Magnus Oriwohl

    I actually like the S10e the most. All the good features form it's bigger brother and even a faster fingerprint reader. The ultrasonic fingerprint reader is a cool thing but more a gimmick than the cellular, much better placed fingerprint reader from the s10e.

  9. Dekoshas Vlogs

    My boyfriend just got his the other day I never seen it yet but I have a iPhone and it’s just basically a better camera I guess a galaxy trying to be like apple so bad lol

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