Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ Hands-On: Display and cameras take center stage

Reviews Editor Cherlynn Low takes a first look at the new flagship phones from Samsung.

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36 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ Hands-On: Display and cameras take center stage”

  1. Ali Jaguar

    I’ve had both S9 Note and now the iPhone XS Max. Both amazing phones but I was tired of turning all my friends’ iMessages green, and there’s zero lag on the iPhone while sometimes the Samsung chokes, even if it was for a split hair second. All in all, I find it comes down to the OS, and for me, the slight win goes to Apple.

  2. LostinOC

    you answered my one and only question, which is, is it worth getting the s10+ just for the extra front camera, because I do want to be able to take those background blur type photos with the front camera. still I hope to see comparison photos soon.

  3. Chaika Gaz

    S10 doesnt have the s pen so… not flagship phone. Also charging other devices when it only has 3400 or 4100 mAH is pretty stupid because power banks exist

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