Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Trick

The Samsung Galaxy S10 (Galaxy S10 Plus) ultrasonic fingerprint sensor seems to improve using this method. Give it a try yourself and let me know if you have similar results. I’d still say the typical rear scanner outperforms in-display fingerprint tech in most cases. At least the Galaxy S10 implementation offers greater security when compared to it’s in-display competitors.

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28 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Trick”

  1. Veli Y.

    Ladies and gentlemen, there is one trick. You have to switch 'touch sensitivity' to ON and the lockscreen open faster when you use fingerprint. Trust me!

  2. Reinier Garcia Ramos

    I bought a Samsung S10 Plus 1 Tb 12 Gb RAM a week ago and the fingerprint sensor is pure and simple CRAP!!!! It doesn't work! And I have been using a fingerprint sensor for a lot of time with my old Moto G5 Plus, which worked perfect ALL THE TIME. So.. I am not a newbie in this matter. I know how to use a stupid fingerprint sensor/scanner. My Samsung S10 Plus fingerprint scanner NEVER works. I have scanned several fingerprints of the same AND different fingers, in the same AND in different angles and… NOTHING. Is just a piece of s….! I am sooo disappointed about this phone!!!

  3. Cornea Sorin

    First when i used this trick was when Apple relesed Iphone 5s ( because you know that phone was a pain in the ass when we talk about that fingerprint sensor) and that worked. Sooo Nothing new under the sun.

  4. lhalls9116

    So the full fingerprint huh. Theyre gonna be able to make hybrid human robots anyday now. Taking all the human esque aesthetics pulled from technology and be implemented in full effect

  5. Vadim Frunza

    I've always been using same finger 2 or 3 times depending how bad or good the scanner is but never less than twice. Then register index finger once or twice as well to use while phone is laying down. (unless scanner was on back)

  6. Geek

    you could actually register the same finger even more than twice on 6t …if the existing picture of the finger dont match…. do ur homework mate

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