Samsung Galaxy S10 + Full Review (Exynos) with Pros & Cons

Samsung Galaxy S10+ In-depth Review with the Exynos variant that’s sold in India it’s Pros & Cons after using it for 12 days I share what I liked and what are the things I didn’t like about this flagship android smartphone from Samsung.

My Samsung Galaxy S10+ Unboxing & Overview video

Samsung Galaxy S10+ are sold online in India via Amazon and Flipkart

46 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 + Full Review (Exynos) with Pros & Cons”

  1. Prateek

    Hi, Does anyone know where i could purchase new s10e on discounted price in Delhi? Its not available online on Amazon or flipkart currently.

  2. Anish Kumar Das


    Hi Ranjit; have a query. If we are buying Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus from Amazon now, I see a lot of youtubers have posted recent unboxings; here I see that the box is not sealed inside the plastic film seal which we generally see while buying a Samsung phone from Samsung Stores offline or in the initial unboxings videos when the pone was released? Might it be an Amazon scam?

  3. Rohit Gupta

    Would you recommend s10 or s10+ in end of 2020 period, considering the price. Getting s10 for 35k and s10+ for 40k. Would appreciate your early reply and advise

  4. nitin sen

    Sir please reply.. Amazon showing today this phone at price 39999. Should I buy it at this price in Nov.2020. currently I'm using OnePlus 6t from last 15months. Please reply sir. Offer is limited time.

  5. Pritam Naskar

    no exynos is welcome man…..I am seriously can't understand their logic they launch samsung s10 lite with snapdragon version and launch s10 version with exynos version.

  6. riapaul19

    Hey Ranjit, I'm actually in Canada and I bought this phone from here. Would it be possible for you to advise me some good tampered glass screen protector for this phone. I'm really struggling with this.

  7. whizz tech

    Well everything is gud, bt I am not satisfied with selfie cam, it's just disgusting.even though Beauty mode is on. Pics r reli bad, u won't feel like taking selfie at all, I got vivo pro 11, it's just awesome ,back cam no doubt gud, Samsung should far improve front cam beauty enchantment.. ofcourse with or without option. BT I still go with vivo ..kudos ..👍👍👌👌👌

  8. Arjun Hari

    I have this s10plus but as u said the battery is a big issue for me as I am a low user like really low some videos downloaded ones and music at a total of 1:30 hours and 7 hours or ideal and few whatapp msg and call my phone will burn around 40% battery. Is this common to anyone

  9. Anonymous

    Har Mobile k review mein ek he jhooth bolna k Is sound proof room mein bhi is mobile k signal bilkul perfect hain jabki most of the handsets wouldnt provide full signal..Bhagwan jaane sach kya hai..vo kaunse so called Most of the handsets hain pta nhi..

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