Samsung Galaxy S10 hands-on

We get our hands on Samsung’s FOUR new Galaxy S10 phones: the S10, S10 Plus, S10E and the company’s first 5G phone.

NOTE: The S10 Plus has a *6.4 inch screen, not a 6.1.

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23 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 hands-on”

  1. Nguyen Tanthien

    Ob ich nicht Überblick oder ……Sind Sie als Schlechte Verloren……Schweizer Politiker & Wissenschaftler Verantwortlich…?
    Rauben Flüchtlingskinder so etwas…….Unmenschlich……..

  2. Daniel McFee

    How much does Apple pay you guys? Giving the XR a performance score of 10, and the S10 a score of 9 proves it. This is like doing a head to head with a Carolla and a Laferrari and saying "style wise they tied, but the Carolla has a slight edge in performance".

  3. Evan Intoit

    crap.. i just got one new s10 today..gosh where is the notification light? seriously samsung the power button is out of reach .. such a shame .. not at all user friendly .. these guys praise samsung because they get paid by samsung..

  4. Jack F

    Small battery. I've avoided Samsungs until they put the 4000 mha capacity in the Note 9 which is my first since I owned an S5. Avoid the S10. It'll be dead by 7 in the evening.

  5. Mozzman

    The notifications can be pulled down by changing the gesture setting for swiping down on the screen. This has been around since the S7 AT LEAST. Get your shit together iCnet. You guys have NO CLUE

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