Samsung Galaxy S10 is here: Goodbye iPhone..

Here’s my Samsung Galaxy S10 Unboxing!

I’ve been challenged by Aron to use the Ceramic Galaxy S10+ for a WHOLE MONTH without using my iPhone:

The Galaxy S10 is such an amazing device but me, as an Apple Fanboy, I’ve never used an android phone for more than 2 weeks. Will I survive?

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49 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 is here: Goodbye iPhone..”

  1. francesca the mudan statue SIM

    I heard apple this wwdc 2019 using type C I'm little excited it's time to put my iPhone x lightning cable to museum … I'm happy apple change to USB type C cable this year with 15 W adapter need test unbox I don't trust apple

  2. Juan Serrano

    I went from note 8 to 8 plus. I miss the Led notification, scheduled messages, and how fast it charges without the fast charger. The reason I changed is because I would miss notifications. Sometimes it would ring when it wanted. Also the software improved but it still not as good as I want it to be.

  3. Hamme M

    Turn on sensitive touch in display settings and just tap the in-display fingerprint scanner it will be much faster to unlock instead of holding it!

  4. Mark Kendall

    Should be easy as Apple product have been shit for the last 4 years and only boring self obsessed wankers use them I saw the light when the Samsung s9 came out since I have had Samsung s9 note 9 oneplus 6t and now on the Samsung s10 and I love how different all android phones are I look forward to the next one probably the OnePlus 7 the speakers on the Samsung are better you must have something wrong with your ears I would go and get that checked you bellend

  5. Kevin Davis

    That weird thing in the box that you didn’t have to pay an extra $70-$80 for is called a fast charger, Lmao. ?
    Sent from my iPhone XS.

    Aaand, loving the hell out of my Ceramic White S10+ as well.

  6. John

    I received my S10+ White Ceramic on Wednesday. Two big disappointments with the phone. The white ceramic version has pinkish rose gold metal sides. It's NOT silver like in the photos. Second the new finger print sensor is unreliable and at a few days I've given up. One UI is an improvement but it's janky and not as polished as iOS. For me, not worth $1,500 – returning it today. Back to iPhone xs Max.

  7. E E

    Don't u watch other vid lol? U want to do YouTube video bit u don't know anything lol.. wtf u pressing?????? ?????? Dude it's a tap not press.. I wish u luck..u have a lot to learn hahahaha

  8. E E

    You indirectly answer to why android is Better… I wishes I could just change what I don't like on the inside on a iphone, nice to see you're able to take full advantage her on Android.. master of customization.. unlike apple with its bunches of messy app all over my main screen that I can't move or get rid of..

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