Samsung Galaxy S10 – Is This The One?

The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ are packing Samsung’s new One UI. It’s a departure from the TouchWiz past, and that’s a good thing. Does One UI make the Galaxy S10 and S10+ price tag easier to accept? Is the Samsung Galaxy S10 the best smartphone of 2019 or would you rather get something else?

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45 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 – Is This The One?”

  1. Jeremy Cox

    I'm a long time LG user who is burnt out using them since the lg3 and was let down by the g8. I was think of an S10+. Do ya think it would be hard to learn?

  2. Rxonmymind

    To be honest my Droid turbo 2 is still holding it own these many years later. In the looks department well, not so much.
    But for everyday use from Gmail to YouTube, texting, FaceTime and running the game asphalt 9 it does fine. Hardware wise I barely notice a difference between these new phones and the Droid turbo 2.
    But the Galaxy Note 10 might be the phone I jump to. Everything else has been incremental improvements Samsung has done an awesome job on the Note 10.
    Seeing that the Galaxy "e" is close to the same size as the Droid turbo 2 might even consider that.
    Samsung has certainly stepped up their game.

  3. Jason James

    Took the reverse wireless charging idea from Huawei ? still playing catch up with the best maker of smartphones right now Huawei Mate 20 Pro is 6 months old and still imo the best phone out there huawei know how to make a phone just wish they would make there software nicer to look at functions great just ugly

  4. YouTube Is An Influencer

    I like my tech gear like anyone else but it didn't take all the recent news in the last few years about cell phone provides & social media sites sharing & selling customers private information to realise that modern cell phones are built to log on into & track your every move & what you've looked at & what you've said & though some may not find this an issue, I Do…

    Seriously a fingerprint scanner & now a face recognition scanner, what next stool & urine samples!..

    I remember the days before cell phones & of not using or needing a cell phone but that was until of course they became more accessible/affordable & eventually reliable…

    But even then you had enough as you had your Calls & Text Services which was & is all you really needed but now for the last 10 years or more cell phones are a circus act of gimmicks & data collecting of the cell phone users private information & daily routines…

    My S7 Edge which I got a few years back had the fingerprint scanner but did I use it Hell No…

    Users of cell phones have become addicted to & sold on to the idea that without one there must be something wrong with you & you must have one as you can do all sorts of great things on a cell phone…

    And Yes I agree with this but I'm not giving up my right to my personal privacy being constantly & illegally violated by companies selling my personal & private information…

    Then you had the let's get into the kids market for these phones & build cell phones for kids that are hopefully not going to give them some sort of cancer or illness from the materials used in cell phones & after many years they developed a so called child user friendly version which wouldn't cause any ill effect to children & then the seed was really planted…

    My kid(s) have a cell phone so therefore I can rest easy as I can contact them & vice versa when I need to & I will know they are safe…

    But your missing the point of what these companies are doing & that's getting you addicted to products that if used properly for what they should only be used for which is calls/texts & even emails, then Yes it'll come in hand…

    But the very nature of human beings is to want more & then even more & phone developers along with app developers are all to happy to oblige you with all sorts of crap along with your every move being tagged & before you know it you dont own a cell phone but a multimedia unit that owns you & will eat into your life if your not careful…

    I've seen relationships destroyed & so called family nights become a farce because those people in those families are all sitting there all in the same room but they are not talking or socialising but instead they are all on their phone/laptop etc & not even talking to one another…

    Its become an addiction to the point that you use a cell phone for everything else than what it was initially built for & that is to make calls or leave & send messages but instead a monster has been created to the point that when I walk down the street I rarely see anyone's head facing forwards as they are all looking down at their phones & no matter where you go you'll be sitting next to someone who is on their phone but not for calls but for all the other junk that its happy to throw at you…

    There is a TV advert that's been on for about a month now for a certain phone next working & a well known actor playing a gentleman who gets on a packed train & everyone of the other passenger is watching some TV series or drama like Game Of Thrones as an example…

    Very quickly he noticed that he hadn't seen that particular episode & therefore doesn't want the plot & suspense ruined so he gets up to find somewhere on the train where he can go & not see or hear what is happening with regards this show that he'd rather wait to get home to see it but there's nowhere to go so he turns round and says
    " What Is Wrong With You People " & the sad thing is it's being used as a positive way to advertise how not to miss your favourite programs when in fact we have become addicted to these gadgets to the point we are literally the walking dead…

    Look I could go on forever about how out of control this has become but I won't as Each To There One but I will leave by saying " Wake Up "


  5. Yasser Dagalangit

    Sorry but Android users are just salty they can't afford an iPhone. If you think in-screen fingerprints are next-level technology then you're missing out on the world my friend.

  6. Notreal Name

    Favorite smartphone is galaxy s10. Just sold my iPhone to get one of these. After apple came out with basically the same phone two years in a row. But then Samsung came out with this. I’m done with apple.

  7. john natsu

    I can't help but notice a lot of techtubers seems to ignore the mere fact that Sony's latest phones are much better than any of these gimmicky ones…

  8. Madison Lee

    Two things I love about Samsung
    1. They listen to the people.
    2. They make the phone to fit you.

    Apple doesnt listen to anyone tbh, they literally just make the same phone for like 5 years straight.

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