Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite | Unboxing & Full Tour

Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, a more affordable 2020 version of the original flagship phone, with a full tour of the specs, camera tech and One UI 2.1 features. This new handset is a confusing alternative to the S10e, with some of Samsung’s fresher design elements – and here’s all you need to know about the Galaxy S10 Lite ahead of my review.

Here in the UK, you can pick it up from £38 a month on Vodafone, or £569 SIM free

You don’t get the super-powered camera setup of the standard smartphone but you do still have a triple lens arrangement, with features like Live Focus Video. Photo quality seems to be respectable, with night mode and other tools to hand.

The Samsung S10 Lite is also huge vs the old devices, with a mighty 6.7-inch Super AMOLED screen. You have that Snapdragon 855 platform for smooth performance, and gaming with the likes of PubG Mobile should be a breeze. I’m also hoping the battery life is a winner, with a 4500mAh cell boasting 45W fast charge.

So is the S10 Lite one of the best premium mid-range phones of 2020? Well, there’s tough competition from the newer OnePlus 8, which offers water resistance, 90Hz display tech and optical zoom camera action. My full review will hopefully be up soon!

47 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite | Unboxing & Full Tour”

  1. True Scotsman

    I had normal s10, then ordered the s10 lite and sold my s10 and kept the s10 lite. Wish I kept s10 now lol as the lite is a bit big etc, don't mind it but preffered the normal s10.

  2. Nebula 5

    Will this phone start lagging for heavy user? I mean snapdragon 855, adreno 640 and 8 gbs of ram is powerful combination but I'm still worried

  3. Martyn Smith

    Really like your down to earth reviews, especially on the more budget end phones, very welcome. With that in mind, any chance you'll do a review on the Samsung M31? It seems really good value.

  4. Nenomias

    this should have been called the s20 lite.. tho that will probably come out next year. this phone has specs that put it on parallel if not ahead of the s10 or the + so saying its a cheaper version of that isnt exactly fair. defo worth it if you can get it on sale.. which i did at 441 euros. most of the drawbacks appear to be the so called features/gimmicks that come with the flagships. ip rating. wireless charging, somewhat better display. the rest of the phone stands its own ground.

  5. Nostalgic memories

    snapdragon 855 in samsung phone in europe, it cant get any better than that. also this is way better than s10e, s10e has just 3100 mah batery that is terrible… also exynos cpu and worse camera, max 6 gb ram and max 15 w charge. only thing i would like to see is gorilla glass 5 at least on lite ;

  6. Paulie Vee

    Can you say Qualcomm 855 processor? Yep + 6.9 screen $400 bnib on eBay!
    Blows your so called competition out of the water Samsung and you want that Samsung quality super AMOLED screenwhich is probably the ones that the competition by from Samsung anyway then you might as well get the real deal this phone is fast the cameras are excellent the Wi-Fi connection is solid and I cannot find a better phone than this for four hundred bucks and I don't have to take a chance on some brand-name that is still to be proven, cheers mate

  7. golwa boy

    Wow these YouTubers these days once they get enough subscribers they don’t reply to requests anymore, well you can stick your answer and your so called channel where the sun doesn’t shine

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