Samsung Galaxy S10 OFFICIAL IN ALL COLORS!!!

OFFICIAL Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus leaks in all Colors. infinity O madness, Emerald Green, Pearl White & Black, Galaxy Ear Buds, TOF 3D Sensor & More.


Galaxy S10 Introduction Concept –

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20 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 OFFICIAL IN ALL COLORS!!!”

  1. Lauren Zenker

    Purchased the prism white and love it on my cell all day and still had 27% at 10 PM the camera is amazing. Fb videos of our farm Mint2b farm is posting some great photos now

  2. Kim Bridge

    I guess fingerprints will show on the green more than the white. I like both but sounds like everyone getting white. But like green to. Would the white be better

  3. OwEnnn Akg

    I've owned iPhone, Lenovo, Nokia, Asus, Xiaomi and now Huawei, but I never think of having a Samsung phone, it's weird! Samsung phone nvr catch my attention, I also can't figure out why~whenever I want to change a phone, Samsung always not in my survey list. I'm sorry Samsung~

  4. MrSuperselenio

    why is no one asking for new better batteries? like li-ion its already 10 years old and the only thing we do is increase the mAH, why is no one asking for a new battery? made of something else more durable?

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