Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus | 2020 Review | One Year Later…

Re-reviewing the Galaxy S10 Plus in 2020, one year after its original launch (and OneUI’s introduction) and ahead of the S20 reveal. Here’s how Samsung’s big blower stacks up 12 months later, including camera updates (a night mode, rejoice!), performance, battery life and the everyday experience.

That Galaxy S10+ no longer seems like a monster, with most mobiles hitting a similar size in 2020. Battery longevity seems to have actually improved over time, possibly due to software updates, while the triple lens rear camera has been boosted for low light shots. It’s not the best smartphone for photo quality but the video output is still brilliant. Check out my review of the greatest camera phones for video recording for a closer look.

Speed is not an issue – the likes of PubG Mobile still play with a beautiful frame rate on the Samsung S10 Plus. Plus, the media chops are as solid as ever, despite the lack of 90Hz refresh and Dolby Vision action.

But of course the Galaxy S10+ is still far too expensive ahead of the S20 Plus launch, so here’s hoping that price comes down when the latest Samsung flagship mobiles arrive.

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  1. kingim

    i've had the s9+ since it's launch and honestly i don't think i'm ever going to change phone. obviously i'm not going to stick with just this model, i have screwed up my screen and so i'm going to get a new s9+ soon. it's honestly the best phone i've ever had. i considered getting the s10 last year but it really wasn't worth it. and now with the s20 out.. it doesn't have a headphone jack and hell is it expensive. i don't see the point in spending a grand on a phone. the s9+ is perfect for me in every way, especially size wise. lbr the s10 and s20 were just made that big for the sake of being made big

  2. Lili White World

    My videos play on the phone itself, but when I copy them to my computer for editing, only the audio plays – no picture. I advised Samsung by email but it's been over a week and they have yet to get back to me, so not too happy on that front. I wonder if this has happened to anyone else?

  3. Ddd Bbb

    Write it this phone from galaxy s10 plus

    Best phone I have ever used
    Upgraded from Nexus 6P

    Very smooth performance never expected this from Samsung since I used galaxy S3 in the past but I guess in the last 3 years Samsung step up in their game and become the best cellphone company ever

    Iam so happy to the fact its cheap now and has almost 94% features of S20 ultra !

    Plus even better with headphone jack
    Happy to be back to samsung

    Thank you for this amazing phone so happy with my purchase ❤

  4. Lawven Mangar

    So I'm having a hard time here choosing between the S10, S10+ and S20. Reason being is that my mom owns a A20s which is kinda big although the S10+ is a little bit smaller. I'm worried more about size and battery life which one should I get?

  5. 247snob

    Fiiiirst time I took my s8+ out of its case (it's pretty and unbreakable…lies) from my knee to cement. Cracked!! Awful.
    it was a matter of time till my screen went from tiny dead zone, ta full on no touch screen at all. (PLEASE PASS ON THAT IF YOUR BROKE AND CANT AFFORD A NEW ONE YOU CAN PLUG IN A MOUSE!! 12 hrs it took my brain to come up w it. Everywhere I looked it said. Reboot or buy a new one or screen. About a yr I used a mouse….till my screen JUST went totally black.)
    I Loveeed that fkn thing. Great for Audio and photography. Just because a great tool period. I miss it.

    Really Really thinking about just going broke and buying a new one (Do Not Waste your money on the lower number galaxy's if you care about pictures or sound! If you need a cheap phone yes. But. Totally trash camera, and sound is Shhh compared to the s8+!! (Cassette vs CD is basically the quality)

    If anyone knows a DECENT audio player…..speaking of crap. Google Play music, audio thing. HATE IT!!!

    ……what am I rambling about? Ha.

  6. Leo Queen

    I just got this phone and I love it. I almost got the new Samsung but I agree, I want the price to go down a bit so I always go for the older phones. Plus it gives it time to get rid of glitches and such by the time I get my hands on them lol I'm loving the phone. I came from the S9 and I LOVED my S9 as well.

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