Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Camera vs iPhone Xs Max!

Galaxy S10 Plus Camera Test vs iPhone Xs Max! Which smartphone takes better pics?

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34 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Camera vs iPhone Xs Max!”

  1. Grönis

    Knowing how to use pro mode on the s10+ makes a huge difference. I like s10+ auto mode better overall, but when using pro mode every single picture looks better.

  2. Jorge 030

    Daylight photos: S10+
    Landscapes: S10+
    Portraits: Xs Max
    Daylight Selfies: Iphone Xs Max
    Low light photos: S10+
    Low light selfies: S10+
    Details on photos: Both
    Video: S10+

    Thats my opinion

  3. moviemuncher1982

    This reviewer keeps talking about beauty-mode on the samsung. All i can see, is that the samsung pictures have more light/cooler colours. Is it just me who thinks that? Am i just crazy? ?

  4. Prithvi Parmar

    The Indian Version of Galaxy S10+ Camera is so different then this. Can anyone guide me if the Indian Version and Abroad has different camera specs. My phone doesn't capture pictures anywhere near this. Saw all the blogger videos and bought the Galaxy. So disappointing.

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