Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus fingerprint unlock speed

In response to the overwhelming readers feedback we received that our ‘meh’ impressions of the Galaxy S10+ fingerprint reader stem from using it in a wrong way, here’s a short video showing it in action so you be the judge.

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20 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus fingerprint unlock speed”

  1. db Talks

    I received my unit yesterday and I am experiencing the same thing.
    I am 100% with you on this. It doesnt work for me with a slight touch. I usually getting 2 mesaages:
    1. Keep your finger on the senaor little longer
    2. If I keep my finger little longer but no pressure applied then it says "Push little harder"
    Not sure if this is happening because of screenguard (samsung already applies one) OR there is something I am not doing correctly.
    Others please share your experience.

  2. avcomth

    I've been using the Galaxy S line-up since the day of the S1 and I can tell you that Samsung have never been good with their fingerprint sensor speed.

  3. arkk1

    I'm coming from the s9plus and that phone was 10x faster to unlock with the finger print scanner. And update is definitely needed. And for all the people who say you're doing it wrong must not have the phone.

  4. Loopie J

    Hi, i find out you use the bixby button to turn on and off, and finger print is working with this. May i know which app you using? Because i have sick of the on off button too far for my fingers to reach!! Please show me how to reset that bixby button to on off!!

  5. karolis112assassin

    i found a solution for finger print sensor on my s10+ . I put 3 times the same finger print but 3 separate parts of the fingerprint in each like front/middle/back. And then 1 other finger print of the other hand. It works 10/10 hard press/soft press/ quick press. Works every time

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