Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Galaxy Note 9

Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Including S10 Battery, Camera, and Performance.
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35 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Galaxy Note 9”

  1. Mrwhosetheboss

    Which Phone do YOU think wins in terms of value?
    Also, which in-depth Galaxy S10+ test would you like to see first, camera test, battery test, or something else?

  2. Marcuis Davis

    My note 9 is really frickin' dope, I must admit! I'll upgrade to the 10 eventually, but no time soon. Dude, I have the Note 9.. This thing is no joke! I'm good. 🙂

  3. Sabrina Lewis

    Welp I just got my Note 9 in February I'm not buying a new phone anytime soon…..these damn phones cost 2 much 2 be switching every 3-6 MONTHS…… I'll wait until my note 9 runs dry n then upgrade 2 a note 12 or 13 ??????

  4. Weiss Coronel

    One of the factors that made me subscribe is that he's straight to the point and doesnt sugarcoat shit.
    He saves your time and decision making upon choosing a phone you would like.
    You got a new follower man.

  5. Brian Michael

    I think here.. the obvious winner is the S10plus.. the Note 10 will be better than the S10plus.. and then rinse wash repeat.. but Im hoping these phones dont start pricing themselves out of buyers who no longer will be willing or able to pay $1000-$1500 for a phone every 1-2yrs

  6. gregozo

    Samsung without Note is like Iphone without iOS. I will only buy Samsung as long as it has Note series. I have had other phones from Samsung ( I loved S7) but the Note line is the best they have always offered. I would be tempted to use other brands if it wasn't for the Note 9.

  7. Basil Ogbunude

    If you've got none of them, S10 is a better option. If you've got Note 9, it'll be difficult to upgrade to the S series. Makes sense to wait for Note 10. Great video as always.

  8. luan maia

    well, nobody notice ram and the 30% fast chip its almost not a thing unless gaming. The body to weight and screen ratio seens to be the main reason to upgrade/jump here. I'm thinking…. the note9 lacks nothing at this point but, well… there is a new phone,.

  9. kasi katiravan

    Dont forget Note 9 has face detection with iris scanner which samsung s10+ lose.. eventhough s10+ has larger ram after better to day life u even notice it.. Note 9 equally fast download n loads stuff.. hw significant that bezelless screen while note 9 alrdy looks almost notch free n looks neat.. S pen holds so much functionality which S10+ dont even have at all.. While Note 9 comes good money value.. the smarter one buys Note 9 while those jst want to impress having latest model phone will go for S10+

  10. Habeeb Ahmed

    +Mrwhosetheboss Sure all gr8 @ ur end Arun.
    After a two day of researching on the note 9 i finally landed to this upload, as i was a little reluctant on changing from 10yrs of using HTC to Samsung.
    Complete satisfied after the full watch and the comparison with 10 / and other brands on the video / audio /camera tests 😉
    I know am too late on the giveaway, but i have this feeling while typing that may be i can get the Note 9, which i personally feel i should give a YES to as its quite a productive phone with a pen which can taken in for multi use.
    Buying an excel used N9 is too high in IND 🙁
    Keeping fingers crossed and hoping for the utmost happiness receiving 😉

    Have a blessed future brother / #honesty

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