Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Galaxy S9 Plus: Comparison

Sometimes flagships don’t change that much from year to year, but the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy S line from Samsung was always bound to be special. The Samsung Galaxy S10 offers significant improvements over its predecessor and we drill into them right here as we compare the S10 and S9 in detail.

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As Samsung’s Galaxy S range turns 10 years old, the company decided to release something extra special. This is the biggest shake-up for the series we’ve seen in years. The new S10 lineup is stunningly stylish and packed with cutting-edge tech. If you’re tempted, we don’t blame you but last year’s Samsung flagship is also still a good phone.

Whether you’re wondering if you can save some cash by buying the older model, or you’re trying to decide if it’s worth upgrading, this comparison should help. How does the new Samsung Galaxy S10 measure up against last year’s S9? Let’s find out.



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25 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Galaxy S9 Plus: Comparison”

  1. wushuforever

    I own both phones, things u might not know before buying the s10+ upgrading from the s9+. At the same volume level when playing music or videos, the s10+ vibrates more on the back panel than the s9+. The screen protector that comes with the s10+ is not compatible with Spigen phone cases( i used their slim armored case, don't know if all the lineup works or not) A corner will peel off eventually. Also, the screen protector is not compatible with polarized sunglasses, you will see a pink/purple tint on your screen when wearing your sunglasses. The s10+ battery life is the best improvement over the s9+. I'm getting 50+ % battery life after work than the usual 20%. These might be minor issues, but I'll let you decide.

  2. Martin Cowling

    Not much difference between both phones. All they have done mostly is updated the camera and the battery life. But dont like the s10 series because what's put me off is that they have done away with the Irish scanner and the led notification lights. If your other really bothered about taking pictures, I'll stick with the s9 plus as it's like all phone battery life. It depends what you do on your phone.

  3. sbowesuk

    This guy really seems to be exaggerating the difference between the two phones, describing small changes as "huge". He also misrepresented the S9 Plus by stating it had less RAM than is actually has. If this was a ploy to convince S9 Plus owners that they should shell out a lot of money for the S10 Plus, it didn't work. My phone is still going strong, and I'll be waiting of the S11 Plus next year.

  4. SJ6football

    Watching this from s10+, I LOVE THIS PHONE. Now, that being said I got it on the buy one get one free deal. So I didn't have to pay(blessed/lucky). If I did have to pay I would have got the s10. I just love the one hole punch, but tbh I never got to really see the s9 plus till now. It's a beautiful phone. I think I'll go into my local att store so check it out vs this one. The screen on the 10+ dont seem to much bigger. A small noticable difference. I mean how much bigger can the screen get without it being a note? Oh wow my mom in law just walked in and she has an s9+ ima check it out I'll let yall know. Brb. Like I said I was in a black hole so I never saw a commercial on the s9+ or I def would've been inclined to get it based off this video. I like the screen being whole and no punch even tho its unique. That's prolly why I like the s10 style more than the plus. But I guess your getting more screen, you just feel like your getting less due to the 2 holes which draw your eye. Anyway. I'm ranting. Brb

  5. Josie Simmonswilliams

    Sad thing is that when they come out with new phones…want you to upgrade because they took something away from the galaxy 9+ to put on the galaxy 10…. I'm so upset…because now you gotta have use others wifi to be on the phone & the internet…when at first the phone came with it at first….they take stuff off the phone to put it on the new & just expect u to upgrade , NOPE NOPE NOPE…IM READY TO DOWN GRADE …ALL THE WAY TO METRO !!!!

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