Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Vs Huawei P20 Pro Camera Test Comparison

Hey what’s up Guys welcome to my another video and in this video i’ll show camera comparison between samsung galaxy s10 plus against the huawei p20 pro.

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19 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Vs Huawei P20 Pro Camera Test Comparison”

  1. TimOn

    I would say that p20 is still better. There are people that would say Samsung and others Huawei coz they using it. I was using Samsung phones for over 9 years now I'm on the p20 pro and have to say that photos from p are damn good. In your video, it's kinda hard to say which one is better coz of angles and distances to objects on photos you make. Some are closer some in a little different light and this light can make a big difference. Still, I love and think I miss Samsung but yet happy to have Huawei hah.

  2. shaun maclean

    I've used both and there is no comparison, did you even try adjusting some of the settings on the p20 pro? There are 4 different resolutions and you obviously used the lowest quality.

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