Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus VS Huawei P20 Pro Speed Test Comparison

A speed and performance test between the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and the Huawei P20 Pro. 2019’s latest VS Huawei’s flagship from March 2018. Who will win the contest?

This video tests the app loading time of each phone, the RAM management and also the WiFi speed performance.

Want to see a camera test/comparison? Have a look here:


19 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus VS Huawei P20 Pro Speed Test Comparison”

  1. Dark VadeR

    Sammy wtf up with Fornite??  My nephew never complained yet with the S10 plus. whats wrong did the guy unlock the game.  watching on the magnificent Note 9


    umm but why so many games? obviously more powerful processor will be better at things like aspahlt 9 or fortnite, i was looking for a more real life like speed test but anyway great video

  3. [PVT]ViRuZ

    why in the world is the s10 so unoptimized

    1. unoptimized as hell
    2. why tf is the Exynos so much worse than the snapdragon

    doesn't make sense at all. Samsung rlly has to tweak the s10 to the max now. I mean it already is way faster than the iPhone Xs and about equally fast to the OP6t but uhm every test gives different results

    same goes to my app opening times, they are so different everytime

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