Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Huawei P30 Pro – Best Smartphone of 2019?

Samsung Galaxy S10+ & Huawei P30 Pro are undoubtedly the best phones of 2019. However, which phone is the best one? Here’s my review on both phones to help you decide which one is the better device! The S10 Plus vs P30 Pro.

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39 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Huawei P30 Pro – Best Smartphone of 2019?”

  1. Laura LPM

    I am all about headphone jack (and sd cards … and sound 😀 ) so the Galaxy would be my choice. Although Best camera on Huawei is hard to give up. Never used either. I with I could rent both for a week to see 😛 … and WHY do you need a Nova launcher? I would like to see a phone without Nova and then when it's installed – to see the difference.

  2. D3str0yer888

    Dude, Samsung is actually one of the best manufactures when it comes to updating, at least if we talk about monthly updates. For the Main OS updates they were really fast for Android P considering they polished it a lot with the OneUi take.

  3. Zangetzu33

    Follow my advice, i have tested both phones for a week and the display is 10 times beter on S10+ than Wawei where it looks kind of "fade out". The camera is excellent on the p30 pro mostly if you want to be mr spy. But the Ui sucks, icons are ugly as fuck and China spy on you all the time. Think about it, this phone is banned in the US for good reasons…

  4. Ramzi Rmz

    I was having OnePlus 6 last year and unfortunately it's stolen. Now I'm bankrupt no money to buy a flagship phone. Just having a phone which costs around $70. I need money for food please donate me.

  5. Heart Winner

    Verrrrrry Minute difference in terms of display… p30 pro also use OLED display…
    Both diplay r awesome ..

    No such diff in both fones..
    YES … in terms of CAMERA…
    NO FONE CAN BEAT P30 pro..

  6. Niko the Alaskan Malamute

    2:40 P30 Pro dominates the S10+ camera really…it terms of zoom yes lol but not taken photos and video its pretty even
    Battery life is not better omg seen tests on youtube that s10+ lasts longer doing same games,videos,browsing only slightly but its negligible either way

  7. xKeNniii

    Only go for P30 Pro if you want a better camera (although both cameras are amazing regardless). S10+ is my preferred choice, much prefer One UI + Good Lock, better speakers and design imo. In terms of performance and battery though, both are going to give you tremendous results.

  8. Cris Alfonso Dinopoehl

    The problem with samsung and iPhone is that they give but a few upgrade to make just a few changes from the predecessor then announce it as new model. In contrast to Huawei, there pretty much difference from the older design. And its a huge upgrade i can say. So i chose p30 pro this time. Forget everything!!!

  9. Mr PancakeZ

    Stop saying s10+ better, people fail to mention that this shitty Samsung company has two versions of s10+ one runs on the snapdragon chipset and the other is running on a standard cheap Samsung chipset, both CPU and GPU sucks on it, you still buy it with the full amount and with way bad performance. EU got fucked in the ass since this is what Samsung selling on this region while the snapdragon is for US, fucking Samsung i had no idea when i got my phone

  10. abd almalek laila

    better display.. better speakers
    better software.. better UI
    better quality.. better design
    even the camera is better at daylight than the p30, p30 is just better at zoom and lowlight

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