Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max – Camera, Battery, Specs, Price, and more! Do you think S10 Plus will win, or iPhone XS Max?
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36 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max”

  1. Milad Bannourah

    I love the galaxy S10+ more than the iPhone. iPhone has the iOS doing everything but android rely on hardware performance so as for ram management, battery, screen, charging, overall speed of the device are going to be better on the S10+. And it looks more beautiful and clean.

  2. Josephhaver

    I have the iPhone and I have to say it is garbage. 1 you can’t have more then ten people in group text 2 I drop calls with full bars and have to reset phone to work. 3 you can’t just go into Vudu and rent a movie cause they are together. I can keep going

  3. pinky1900's

    Crazy. Apple can work with 1,000 less mAh and have comparable screen use as Samsung. I give it to Samsung though for putting fast chargers with their devices. Very sad Apple who makes so damn much money can’t even put a fast charger in the box.

  4. TMC_Lunatic

    Rip memory card for iPhone, rip headphone jack for iPhone and wait there's more but im lazy to tell all, overall Samsung s10+ is better than iPhone. Gaming is better in iPhone tho I agree ???, but best mobile phone experience is Samsung s10+ ??, I love the phones design and that look, it's gotta be the sexiest phone of this year no doubt

  5. XeroTheSpearow

    If anyone has the S10, doesn’t play Fortnite and is willing to help a brother out DM on Twitter (@Xer0Skill) or Discord (Xerø#5003, I believe you need to friend me first)

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