Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone Xs Max

In this video, we will do a comparison between the iPhone Xs Max vs the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs the iPhone Xs Max.

We will look at the price, display, cameras and overall value in trying to come to a conclusion on whether you should buy the Galaxy S10 Plus or the iPhone Xs Max.

iPhone Xs Max was released in September 2018.
Samsung Galaxy S10 was released in February 2019.

Let’s dive in and discover the truth.

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28 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone Xs Max”

  1. Adrian train

    I gotta ask, why the shades bud? I enjoy all your videos, but I constantly wonder about your shades and why you're wearing them. The only thing i can think of is that they're description glasses that change in the light and dark, so because you have the lights on you while you're recording your glasses adapt to the light and go dark…..
    Do I win something for guessing that???
    All jokes aside I really like how informative your vids are. I'm looking forward to the Note10 and to see what new features you find there. 1 real question though, when you have that floating menu button active, does your phone make an audible sound for no reason all the time? Mine did and I deleted apps and turned of functions until I found it and it turned out to be that floating menu icon. Have you found that at all?

  2. Saravjeet Singh

    I’ll wait for the day when Samsung will be able to fold the display in the bottom so that we can get rid of that chin like apple did to a certain extent… just bought xs max a couple months back and love it as it’s very different from my earlier Samsung galaxy devices…still keeping my s8 though….

  3. Richie Rich

    If watched a couple of videos on S10 comparison with iPhone X s or X's max. On every single video the S10 beats the iPhone on everyday speed tests. However if you watch the speed tests on an apple biased channel they don't show actual speed tests just synthetic benchmarks which we all know the bionic chip wins on paper. But not in real life. Funny that? They won't show real tests as they know the iPhone is beat.
    Apple and apple fanboys and isheep have had their day. Apple is no longer the big boy. Samsung and Huawei have that title.
    I can see apple fanboys jumping ship in droves this year to android. Ok they'll bring out an iPhone 11. Again it'll have the fastest chip probably, but they don't optimise their phones as well as android..anyway bye bye apple it's been nice knowing you.

  4. Ameer Ali Ouarda

    I prefer the 3D face tech on the iPhone.
    You can use a glass screen protector.
    The S10 is not technologically superior.
    Price doesn’t make anything technologically superior

  5. Ameer Ali Ouarda

    The iPhone XS Max’s Super Retina display is better than the S10+ display.
    It’s rated as the best OLED display in a smartphone with technologies that doesn’t exist on Super AMOLED such as:
    -3D Touch
    -True Tone
    -120Hz Touch Sensing
    -Folded to eliminate the bottom bezel
    -Larger at 6.5 inches

    It also has the highest full screen brightness of any OLED, the best burn in management system and the best colour accuracy as well as lowest reflectivity of any OLED.

  6. Ameer Ali Ouarda

    Do you understand what “notch” means:
    1. 1. 
an indentation or incision on an edge or surface.

    THE S10 HAS A NOTCH. And it’s not even symmetrical, apps are poorly optimised as well!

  7. Ameer Ali Ouarda

    The phone comes with a Lightning EarPods.
    -You can also buy other Lightning Earbuds.
    -If you want to charge and listen through a headphone jack, you have the continence of wireless charging.
    -But why the fuck would anyone complain when you can get ANKER Bluetooth wireless Earphones for under £20 that actually sound good.
    -I personally have AirPods, and so I also get the benefit of the W1 chip, which Samsung doesn’t have.
    -What’s the point in having Bluetooth 5.0 if your not gonna use it.
    -I do not want a useless hole in my phone! I rather have the larger Taptic Engine take its place!

  8. Ameer Ali Ouarda

    – If people want more, they should expect to pay more. OLED, Face scanning, Stereo Speakers, Dual cameras, all-screen, faster processors etc. all costs more.
    – Therefore charging the same price year on year will just lower the profit margin Apple makes.
    – Apple should not lessen their product and stop moving forward and innovating just because some people can’t afford it or keep up.
    – No one is forcing you to buy an iPhone, let alone an expensive Android phone.
    – It is abysmal for people and all YouTubers to assume that everyone doesn’t have the cash to invest in an expensive phone or are not willing to save up and spend more.
    – Not everyone is poor.
    – iPhones last long. The iPhone 5S (released in 2013) is still running the latest version of iOS and is comprehensively supported by Apple to this day.
    – The S4 (released in 2013) is stuck on Android 5! (The latest version of Android is currently 8 Oreo)
    – The attention to detail on iPhone is also unparalleled from the chamfered edges, polished stainless steel bands, the use of Sapphire crystal and being the only phone to not feature a bottom bezel.

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