Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Vs iPhone XS Max Review – This Will SURPRISE You!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Vs iPhone XS Max Review – This Will SURPRISE You! iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus / + ! This video is my official full comparision review after launch / release! I have already done my Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus unboxing, so how does it compare to the iPhone XS Max, with regards to camera, battery, display, speed, specs and price etc! Full individual test to come on both smartphones! Which flagship is the best to buy in 2019?

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21 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Vs iPhone XS Max Review – This Will SURPRISE You!”

  1. Ricardo Vitasovic

    It will be always a preference choice. I was android since nexus one, and changed to iphone with 7 plus and now iphone xs max, my Dad have the S10 plus ceramic black and it is really nice. But, when i trie to come back to android it is something wrong going on. Like, the 120hz touch experience on iphone is is really nice, the taptic engine it is also great. The IOS smooth system is miles away. One UI it is fine, but not like IOS. A miss the customization from android. But maybe note 10. BOTH ARE GREAT PHONES.

  2. ChaoticBunny

    I’m actually planning on switching back to Samsung. I currently have an iPhone 7 Plus and I’m honestly quiet over iPhones right now. I’m over the fact that when they release a new phone the older ones start to have more issues. And come on the s10 has a headphone jack!!!!

  3. Black King

    "SUPER RETINA OLED" WTF? is that what you want to call or is it timcook told you that "we invented new OLED and we named super retina oled".
    You know what it really pisses me of.???

  4. JRG 11

    It is 2018 lol WHY? Are YTubers self proclaimed techies! Still talking about Benchmarks? It has been proven that iPhone cheats* in simplicity terminology for those that do not understand… basically Apple has it set up to auto max out the processor and shut down everything else going on in the phone! So of course this gives the illusion that they're putting out higher benchmarks… in REAL USAGE, DAILY PERFORMANCE etc… Samsung Wins Hands Down! Open 5 to 10 apps on both phones, use multi window on your Galaxy with ALL apps still open in recents, etc… and you'll see the King* (or Queen) lol is Samsung. And NO I am not an Apple hater! I'm typing this on MacBook Pro! My desk across the way sits an iMac and an iPad Pro and Pen! I am a photographer and wouldn't leave my Apple Eco System for anything for photo and video editing etc… and I prefer IOS over Windows BUT?… my daily driver (as everyone calls them?) Samsung's Galaxy NOTE 9!!! I bought the original iPhone and never owned any other phone. Until, the Note 2! And never looked back, I have owned every Note since (except the Edge) but did buy one used (only used phone I ever purchased, why? Because my grand baby loved to color and draw with my SPen! So it was the cheaper option then to have her drop one my Flagship phones! She has her own iPad now days since she's lil older, she got her 1rst iPad at 5 and is now 8. It's her 2nd no fault of her own! I just upgraded it, but she still plays on that Edge almost daily!!! And it still runs great for what she does…and of course I have been able to replace the battery. My point is, in this Novel that you don't have to be stuck in any category! Choose the device you like for what your doing? And what works best for you! Being a photographer the Note line is a no brainer to me. Not only does my SPen come in handy daily with scheduling, taking down client specific notes, reading links without having to open, calendar appts, the uses are endless once you utilize them?! You would miss them, trust me I bought the S9Plus, beautiful phone no complaints other then I found myself looking for my SPEN! And obviously being a photo/vid taking junkie my Note 9 (and myself) produce some AMAZING photos and memories when I don't want to be tethered down to a very heavy Canon EOS R, and 7D back up, the must have lenses for any situation. Basically I lug around 25pnd plus camera backpack! So when I'm not being paid and just having fun taking and making memories? I LOVE MY NOTE 9 AND THE AMAZING PHOTOS… (did I forget to mention it's much easier now to be apart of those memories now? Since I can click away with blue toothed SPen acting as my shutter button from across the room! If you made it this far? I feel like I should be giving out a reward or something! How about just a little piece of advice? If you're looking for productivity wrapped in a ton of awesomeness? From the most beautiful Infinity Display to Dolby Atmos sound, best camera imo, and just ALL AROUND QUALITY? Buy the Note! Force yourself to use the SPen and the phone itself to all it's potential and you'll NEVER LOOK BACK… if you just text, take selfies and SnapChat? Buy an iPhone! They're simple stupid and do it to perfection for the same price! Usually more…because of course you have no external storage! I think y'all get the picture!? Have a wonderful day to everyone …

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