Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max Speed Test! (Exynos 9820)

Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Speed Test vs iPhone XS Max! Impressive Exynos 9820 benchmarks! 8GB Ram beast real world speed test.


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22 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max Speed Test! (Exynos 9820)”

  1. Stilinskiz

    i usually don’t say this but both phones are great and neither are trash, although, the X wasn’t made in 2019 so it’s not exactly fair.

  2. 0 0

    Ok just to be clear…

    The reason why the iphone xs max lost the first round was because every iphones are actually underclocked. Meaning their performance will be lower to prevent overheating and battery drain. So iphones can perform better if they were not underclocked. The s10+ I believed was not underclocked. iPhone are efficient when it comes to pretty much anything

    The reason why the s10+ lost the second round is due to poor ram management. My last android phone was an S6 Edge that has 3GB of ram the the ram management was HORRIBLE. It can’ even keep 2 apps open in the backround for 5 minuites. Also ios have better ram management and they have been always efficient

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